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Purtroppo colui che aveva creato quelle pagine è morto, ma qualcosa potrebbe trovarsi ancora in http://greekgrammar.wikidot.com/
Il suo vecchio sito  http://web.archive.org/web/20110202230253/https://perswww.kuleuven.be/~u0013314/greekg.htm credo sia recuperabile solo parzialmente in Archive

Let's Review Greek!    [ VIII - 2001 ]

So, you've studied some ancient Greek and were wondering what to do next. This is the place. You can review grammar (including some on-line exercises), read easy texts from the New Testament and Greek Mythology, explore intermediate-level texts about a case of murder and adultery or about the death of Socrates, or even challenge yourself by reading some ancient writers.

Differences Between Classical and Hellenistic Greek A Quick Introduction by Jay C. Treat

Introducing the Greek New Testament handhouts  pietersma    [ XII - 2001 ]

Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway A service provided by greek-language.com
            Hellenistic Greek Koine Greek Biblical Greek Ancient Greek Greek Linguistics

Hellenistic Greek Linguistics Pages

 Enchiridion: A User-Friendly Guide for Reading Ancient Greek by Elaine Woodward and Marianne Pagos    [X - 2001]

Greek Grammar by Herbert Weir Smyth   [dead link VIII - 2002]     Herbert Weir Smyth, A Greek Grammar for Colleges   [VIII - 2002]

Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox, Overview of Greek Syntax   [VIII - 2002]

Raphael Kühner, Friedrich Blass. Ausführliche Grammatik der Griechischen Sprache. ed. Ildar Ibraguimov. (German)  [VIII - 2002]

 Learning New Testament Greek by Jonathan Robie

Resources for Learning New Testament Greek     [V - 2002]

"The purpose of this Web site is to provide resources for people seeking to know the Living God and His Word through the original language of the New Testament, Koine Greek".
This site features the section on Learning NT Greek for English readers.     [V - 2002]
Thomas R. Martin, An Overview of Classical Greek History from Homer to Alexander    [V - 2002]

 [Modern] Greek through the Internet by Angelo Kanlis    [Archive]

 Overview of Greek Syntax by [dead link VIII - 2002]
   Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox (oppure): Generalizing the Perseus XML Document Manager
    Computational Lexicography of Ancient Greek    Knowledge Management in the Perseus Digital Library

"Textkit is a language learning site which provides Greek and Latin grammars, reading material, classical e-books and other learning resources.
Textkit is the Internet's leading source for free, fully downloadable, public domain Greek and Latin grammars. We also provide a wide range of classical e-books from Greek and Roman authors".  [ IV - 20003 ]

 Greek Fonts

 Greek Language Resources

Greek Morphological Analyzer.
(The Perseus Project: morphological analysis using the morphological analyzer allows you to enter one or more Greek words in Latin transliteration at the prompt and returns the morphological analysis for each term).

Greek-English-Greek On-line Dictionary

Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek  (Perseus Project)

Classical Greek Sources of English, German, French and Italian Words

Strong's Greek Biblical Dictionary


English-Greek Computer Dictionary (ELOT 928 font)

English-Greek-English Technical Dictionary

English-Greek Glossary of Radiation Protection Terminology

Glossary of Internet Terms

Greek-Catalan Dictionary

Greek-English-Greek Informatics Terminology Dictionary

Greek-English Dictionary of Current Words and Phrases

Greek-Serbian Dictionary

Practical Greek Dictionary of Informatics

The Sound of Ancient Greek - Classical Pronunciation
In the following samples, classical phonemes are used as well as a reconstruction of the classical pitch accent, applied to the domain of the word and appositive group as well as of the phrase.      con bibliografia    [XI - 2001]

Homeric Singing - An Approach to the Original Performance
Ancient Greek Music  at the Austrian Academy of Sciences   Stefan Hagel
This site contains all published fragments of Ancient Greek music which contain more than a few scattered notes. All of them are recorded under the use of tunings whose exact ratios have been transmitted to us by ancient theoreticians (of the Pythagorean school, most of them cited by Ptolemaios). Instruments and speed are chosen by the author. The exact sound depends on your hard- and software.    [XI - 2001]

Unicode Polytonic Greek for the Web Version 0.93 D R A F T   dead link
[Stoa Consortium] Unicode Polytonic Greek for the World Wide Web (UPGW3)
Unicode Polytonic Greek for the World Wide Web Version 0.9.1 D R A F T  [ IX - 2002]

Unicode Classical Greek   [ IX - 2002]
    This page is not a detailed guide to the use of Unicode Classical Greek. It simply contains:
a) Polytonic Unicode texts of the Greek New Testament and Septuagint
b) Two simple utilities for inputting small amounts of polytonic Greek in Unicode
c) A polytonic Greek keyboard for use with SC Unipad

Sharmahd Computing UniPad - download   [ IX - 2002]
SC UniPad is a Unicode™ plain text editor for the Windows NT®, Windows 2000®, Windows 9x®, Windows ME® and Windows XP® operating systems

educETH  Alte Sprachen  http://www.educeth.ch/altphilo/   [XII - 2001]
Klassische Sprachen Latein, Griechisch KZU    http://www.kzu.ch/fach/as/AS-home.html   [XII - 2001]

The New Testament and Its Context Professor Barry D. Smith    [V - 2002]

The Graphai Discussion   [V - 2002]
    a New Testament discussion group conducted under the auspices of the Society of Biblical Literature

Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway    [V - 2002]

Burton, Moods and Tenses of NT Greek      Main-Burton.html
Josephus, Wars of the Jews, Book 1      Josephus - WARS - Book-2
dal sito    These books are single file downloads of the HTML pages and their associated files    [V - 2002]

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