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Introduzione all’ebraico biblico (Bibliografia e links)

letteratura e  lingua ebraica contemporanea

Come leggere i caratteri ebraici  in web - Fonts - Programmi

Grammatiche ebraiche in linea:

communiobiblica    communiobiblica  [2008 in Archive]

Tra i materiali presenti nel sito si segnalano in particolare:
"We are  a christian student’s group that live in Jerusalem for study the Holy Scriptures from all world at the Faculty of Biblical Sciences and Archeology of Studium Biblicum Franciscanum at Flagellation Couvent in Via Dolorosa, in Old City. This is Faculty of Pontifical Atheneum Antonianum in Rome".  ( )
Rudimenti di Grammatica ebraica a cura di fr. Roberto Tadiello (Tutti i file delle lezioni sono in PDF o in file per word ). Ebraico : grammatica    [2008 in Archive]
Tadiello recentemente ha deciso di ripubblicare sul sito le ue lezioni di ebraico biblico, tanto aprrezzate da un vasto pubblico - al momento mi pare che la ripubblicazione non sia ancora completa,  e non avuto ancora il tempo di controllare eventuali modifiche -
[...] mi è stato richiesto di pubblicare nuovamente la serie di lezioni sulla grammatica ebraica.
Per prima cosa “linco” il dizionario ebraico DAVAR. E’ un dizionario rudimentale on line. Lo trovate qui seguite le istruzioni per il Download e l’istallazione.
Le lezioni sono dei file in PDF. [...]
  "Gerusalemme di don Matteo Crimella è la trascrizione delle lezioni itineranti di padre Eugenio Alliata ofm durante l’anno accademico 2000/2001. Di fatto è una guida della città di Gerusalemme" Articoli: Gerusalemme guida    [2008 in Archive]
    Pater     Pater    Fonts  
Serie fotografica di siti della terra santa a cura di don Gabriele Corini.   [2007 in Archive]


"Le lezioni sono tratte dal libro di Eliezer Tirkel, L'EBRAICO E' FACILE, pubblicato in Italia da Giuntina, Firenze e Achiasaf, Tel-Aviv. Testo italiano di Gaio Sciloni"
Da dabar.org: tabelle:    THE HEBREW  STRONG VERB    Meaning of the Stem  

Israeli Hebrew For Speakers of English  

"Israeli Hebrew for Speakers of English is a series of Hebrew language textbooks designed by a group of linguists and Hebrew instructors at the University of Illinois.  ..."     http://dubenbooks.freeyellow.com/
"Israeli Hebrew audio tapes are now available for free use on the WWW thanks to the University of Florida Language Learning Center, which has converted the tapes to a Web Compatible format (Real Audio)".
    Book One and  Book Two.     old link http://www.clas.ufl.edu/llc/IsraeliHebrew/index.html
An Introduction to Teaching Hebrew With the Israeli Hebrew for Speakers of English Series

"Found on this site are
notes from a graduate Biblical Hebrew
Level I class taught by Dr. David Wallace. The main text used in this site is Page H. Kelley's Biblical Hebrew: An Introductory Grammar.  At times reference will be made to Kelley, this is the primary work that is being noted.  
[...] In no way are claims made that this site is a comprehensive study of Biblical Hebrew or a duplication of Kelley or Wallace's work.  It is simply the wish of the creator of this site that you benefit from these notes as you study Biblical Hebrew especially when using Kelley's grammar.  Feel free to print these lessons and use them.  It is asked that you cite Kelley and this web site appropriately if you quote from these notes.
The notes are broken down into lessons. There are thirty-one lessons in all.  Each lesson is interactive, containing notes, quizzes and exercises.  To select a lesson's contents, first select a lesson number then choose Notes, Vocabulary Quiz, or Exercises and then click Go.  Please note that the addition of exercises is a work in progress and is not yet completed".

Si consiglia la lettura di questo interessante articolo:
Shtefan Kocianchich (1818-1883), pozabljeni slovenski genij

    Vincent Joseph John DeCaen    

    De Caen: Papers  [last updated 13/Dec/2011]
    A Concise Linguistic e-Introduction to Classical Hebrew [Archive 2008]
    Hebrew Syntax Encoding Initiative  [Archive 2006]
Alcuni Elementi di Grammatica Ebraica si possono trovare nelle pagine disponibili del corso
di Jean-Daniel Macchi   (presso l'universirtà di Ginevra)    http://www.unige.ch/theologie/distance/courslibre/he/

Sheldon (Shelly) Harrison Department of Linguistics University of Western Australia
     Shelly Harrison's Home Page    Introduction to Semitic Languages  ( con notevoli risorse in linea)   [ Archive 2006 ]

Siegfried Kreuzer    Altes Testament und Biblische Archäologie Kirchliche Hochschule Wuppertal / Barmen School of Theology / Bergische Universität 
    Grundwortschatz Hebräisch  (utile elenco di 500 vocaboli fondamentali)
    (Die Liste enthält die ca. 500 häufigsten und wichtigsten Vokabel des Alten Testaments, je etwa zur Hälfte Verben und Nomina, ergänzt um einige weniger häufige, aber theologisch wichtige Begriffe. )
    Lo stesso documento con traduzione inglese  500 Basic Hebrew Words    (This list contains the 500 most frequent and most important words of the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible and is intended to help you keeping up your Hebrew. The transcription follows the rules of ZAW).
    Hebräische Wörter im Deutschen... (prestiti dall'ebraico in tedesco)

Hebraeisch, Altgriechisch, Latein und Portugiesisch Einfuehrungskurse -   Dr. Franz Josef Mehr  

Biblical Hebrew Lab    (Biblical Language Lab Purpose of the Site: To provide helps for students learning Biblical Greek and/or Biblical Hebrew. These help cover grammatical principles, translation, and writing exegetical papers). Dr. Tim Crawford, Bluefield College - Dr. Bob Dunston, Cumberland College - Dr. Dwayne Howell, Campbellsville University 

Tomas Shoemaker  [mesacc.edu sito attuale]
    HEB 175 Online Grammar    HEB 175 Lambdin Exercises    HEB 175 Unit 0 Alefbet and Vocalization      [ Archive 2004 ]

A complete facsimile copy of the Hebrew Grammars used by Joseph Smith by J. Seixas:
Hebrew Grammar by J. Seixas, Manual Hebrew Grammar for the Use of Beginners, Andover 1833  and 1834 editions.  (The FAIR Hebrew project) [http://www.charredguardians.com/archive.htm dead link]
J. Seixas
A manual Hebrew grammar for the use of beginners (1833) https://archive.org/details/manualhebrewgram01seix
J. Seixas
A manual Hebrew grammar for the use of beginners (1834)

K. Jongeling  Home   [ Archive 2005 ]
INLEIDING IN DE HEBREEUWSE SYNTAXIS     Syntaxis van het Bijbels Hebreeuws voor Beginners (Department of Comparative Linguistics, Leiden University)



A. Niccacci, Poetic Syntax and Interpretation of Malachi    LA 2001    
    "The purpose of this paper is to apply the theory of the verb in Biblical Hebrew (BH) prose developed by the author to a poetic text like the prophecy of Malachi. A short presentation of this theory is given at the beginning)" with bibliography
Niccacci, Syntactic Analysis of Jonah     "The complete Book of Jonah is examined from the point of view of the verb syntax proposed by the author...." Liber Annuus XLVI (1996)
Niccacci Syntactic Analysis of Ruth Liber Annuus XLV (1995) p.69-106    LA45/45069AN.pdf
A. Niccacci, Diluvio, sintassi e metodoLA 44  p.9 ss.  

David Steinberg
History of the Hebrew Language - Index htm pdf     By     David Steinberg     [old link http://members.rogers.com/davidsteinberg/history_of_hebrew.htm] 
Biblical Hebrew Poetry and Word Play Index htm pdf

From Ariel vol. 25 (1969)
>>>  Israel Language Policy and Linguistics by Haiim B Rosén - >>>  Words and their History by E. Y. Kutscher -

>>>  Israeli Hebrew by David Tene - >>>  Hebrew Slang and Foreign Loan Words by Raphael Sappan
Cantillazione / Accenti / Teamim    >>>

    Goerwitz    Second-year biblical Hebrew textbook from 1994/5

    Hebrew Dictionaries: .lexicity.         Hebrew grammars: .lexicity.      Hebrew charts & aids: .lexicity.


DAISY STORIES by Crystal Jones  - Translated by Pnina Tadmor, transliteration by Pnina Tadmor rearranged by Robert B. Casiraghi

Hebrew-English Basketball Dictionary
Hebrew-English Basketball Dictionary 

Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon   lexicons  The Old Testament Hebrew lexicon is Brown, Driver, Briggs, Gesenius Lexicon; this is keyed to the "Theological Word Book of the Old Testament." Also included are pronunciations of each word with alternate pronunciations if
strongs exhaustive concordance        Click here to view the BST Fonts page.

Israeli Site for Unique Hebrew Words
Israeli Site for Unique Hebrew Words

English-Hebrew Computer and Telecommunications Dictionaries (ZIP download)

This site is intended mainly for translators that live in Israel and abroad, but it does contain information of interest to the general public
  [Archive 2003]    new: Translator's Preface from R' Yehuda Ibn Tibon, OBM  http://translation-il.freeservers.com/

L'ebraico in internet (dal sito http://www.tov.it/  "Il portale dell'ebraismo italiano") [Archive 2006]  [può essere utile vedere siti simili http://moked.it/ [qui sono scaribali i numeri d'archivio di Pagine Ebraiche] - http://www.morasha.it/ - ]

Alef_Beit immagini    http://hebrew.about.com/ :  Judaism     about.com: hebrew    art and literature

Auf dieser Website finden Sie eine Fülle von Materialien zum Studium des Biblischen Hebräisch, In unserem Downloadbereich finden Sie eine Reihe kostenloser Hilfsmittel 

Archive 2002-2006  Siegener Sommerkurs: Vorkurs:Hebräisch lesen - leicht gemacht  [altern-link]   Wichtige grammatische Begriffe     [ Archive ]

hebraicum.de links.htm     Hebraicum Die Seite rund ums Hebräischlernen    

One Page Introductory Summary of Biblical Hebrew .pdf     [ Archive - 2002-2006 ]     [http://wessner.ca/]
One Page Introductory Summary of Biblical Greek    .pdf     [ Archive - 2002-2006 ]

Duane Garrett Hebrew Workbook intended for use with A Modern Grammar for Classical Hebrew by Duane A. Garrett  - link  nel sito di Madden  smadden

     http://www.laits.utexas.edu/hebrew/  Hebrew Language at The University Of Texas at Austin     [ Archive ]
(ebraico moderno - israeliano) con parecchio materiale ... esempi:
Sound Bites Interviews with Hebrew Speakers
"under the direction of Esther Raizen. The interviews are presented in segments for the sake of fast downloading. They provide research data for students and scholars of linguistics and sociolinguistics, but may also be used in Hebrew language classes as supplementary materials for listening comprehension and conversation practice".
Hebrew Language Tutorials
Welcome to the tutorials page! These tutorials work best within the framework of the curriculum used at the University of Texas at Austin: Modern Hebrew for Beginners (UT Press, 2000), and Modern Hebrew for Intermediate Students (UT Press, 2001). Individual tutorials, however, and certainly the independent tutorials, may be of use in other settings as well.
Seguendo i links  si arriva a un elenco di testi biblici dei quali è offerto il testo e la traslitterazione ...cliccare sul testo di un versetto per ascoltarne la lettura  [ma è necessario il Shockwave Player]

esempi: Genesis 1 (1-8)     http://www.laits.utexas.edu/hebrew/heblang/docs/anim01.html
    Genesis 1 (9-13) http://www.laits.utexas.edu/hebrew/heblang/docs/anim02.html

"Welcome to version 3.0 of the Hebrewer, a web-based lexicon generator developed at the University of Texas at Austin.
This version of the Hebrewer runs as an applet from within a Java-aware browser. It is based on a program which interacts with an updateable database of Hebrew roots. The Hebrewer starts in noun mode, but with the click of a tab it can also be used for verbs. Once a noun or verb has been selected, the user will see the display of its declension or conjugation ...".

http://www.dictionary.co.il/index.php    Learn Hebrew - My Hebrew Dictionary - English to Hebrew On-Line Dictionary  

http://www.milon.co.il/    My Hebrew Picture Dictionary       

http://www.hebrewatmilah.org/    HEBREW AT MILAH    Your Hebrew Language Site  

    On this site, you can access the entire Maskilon III Maskilon IV. In the Maskilon IV, look up any English word to find its Hebrew translation. In the Maskilon III, you can find the English translation of a Hebrew word. Each verb in the Maskilon III and IV has a reference to a page in the Maskilon I, a one-of-a-kind comprehensive root-based dictionary . By clicking on the link at the left, you can access the Maskilon I to find over 250 of the 1640 roots included in the Maskilon I.
http://www.laits.utexas.edu/hebrew/mhp/hebling/biblio/ol_heb_dict.html   [ ma ci sono molti links non aggionati ! ]
MGV Hoffman - http://bibleandtech.blogspot.it/2007/12/free-onlinedownloadable-hebrew-grammar.html  - 
                     Free Online/Downloadable Hebrew Grammar Instruction

Fred Putnam  - Toward Reading & Understanding Biblical Hebrew fredputnam  

Free Unicode Hebrew Fonts With 4 comments     brianwdavidson.com/2012/07/26/free-unicode-hebrew-fonts/    /#comments


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