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   Siriaco ( "Assiro" * ) - Aramaico

Learn Syriac    http://plaza.v-wave.com/maronites/syriac.htm  (Prepared by Richard B.  a European Syriac Professor).     Dead link

"West Aramaic/Syriac is used in the Maronite church for liturgical purposes and the language is still spoken in Lebanon and Syria. Most people in the Near East spoke Aramaic in the 4th and today Eastern Aramaic is sill spoken in Israel, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Armenia. It was the language of and extensive literature including translations of the Bible, hymns and poems, commentaries, historical works, laws, compilations of lives of Saints, and works about philosophy, grammar, medicine, and science". http://plaza.powersurfr.com/maronites/syriac.htm

The Assyrian Academic Society exists to build continuing and mutually beneficial relationships between its executive board, members, academic institutions and the Assyrian community at large.
qualche pagina da First Studies in Modern Standard Assyriac by Yoab Benjamin  (archive )

Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies   http://www.jaas.org/    sono accessibili gli indici e parzialmente articoli.
    tra questi
    Efrem Yildiz,The Aramaic Language and Its Classification  Vol. 14, No. 1 2000
    John Joseph, The Bible and the Assyrians It Kept their Memory Alive.v12n1

HUGOYE: JOURNAL OF SYRIAC STUDIES Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies is an electronic journal dedicated to the study of the Syriac tradition, published semi-annually (in January and July) by The Syriac Computing Institute.

Assyrian Language Resources  Assyrian Language Resources    (Assyria Online)

19 maggio 2004    Presentazione    Lessico Concordanziale del Nuovo Testamento Siriaco    (LCNTS)
    Lessico Concordanziale del Nuovo Testamento Siriaco di Massimo Pazzini (SBF Analecta 64)  [VI - 2004]
[intervengono Massimo Pazzini autore - Giovanni Lenzirelatore  - Pier Giorgio Borbone, relatore - Marco Nobile, rettore PAA]


What is Aramaic?    CAL Newsletter   CAL Bibliographic Archives     Outline Lexicon Search (Aramaic-English and English-Aramaic)
    Aramaic Lexicon and Concordance   Aramaic Grammar 

Learn Assyrian Aramaic    (Alan Aldawood) Assirian Topics   http://pw1.netcom.com/~aldawood/links.htm     [archive]

Assyrian Fonts  Assyrian Fonts  http://web.archive.org/web/berlin/font/syriac.htm   (Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive)

To download the Peshitta online     (Nuovo Testamento siriaco)   http://members.home.net/jovial77/peshitta/pesh.htm (dead link)

www.peshitta.org    Peshitta Aramaic / English  Interlinear New Testament (pdf) / New Testament Aramaic (doc)

"Jennings, William", Lexicon to the Syriac New Testament (1926) http://www.bethmardutho.org/ebetharke/samples/

http://tmcdaniel.palmerseminary.edu/   vedere in ordine alfabeto nella pagina d'ingresso [meglio] [oppure seguire i seguenti links ma senza frames]  Syriac Studies

Syriac Lexicons   - Syriac Studies (Dukhrana Biblical Studies)  -  Syriac Gospels: "The Old Syriac Gospels," edited by Agnes Smith Lewis

Inoltre il prezioso:  Edmund Castell's Lexicon Heptaglotton of 1669 (ebraico-chaldaico-siriaco-samaritano-etiopico-arabico). Sullo stesso sito DICTIONARIUM PERSICO-LATINUM OPERAViru Cl. JACOBI GOLII atque EDMUNDI CASTELLI, 1669 

Aramaic Dictionaries: .lexicity.   Aramaic grammars: .lexicity.      Hebrew charts & aids: .lexicity.   lexicity.com/resources/Aramaic/Texts/   lexicity.com/resources/Aramaic/Other+Resources/


    Targum - Traduzione aramaica della Bibbia ( Bibbia - Old Testament )
        http://targum.info/  Newsletter for Targumic & Cognate Studies

Targumic Texts  http://targum.info/targumic-texts/   [old link http://www.tulane.edu/%7Entcs/tgtext.htm]
Pentateuch – Targum Pseudo-Jonathan and Onkelos, an 1892 translation by J. W. Etheridge. -  Targumim to the Megillot  -  Targum Psalms — a new translation by Edward M. Cook, 2001.  -  Targum Isaiah – the 1871 translation by Pauli at Google Book Search.

Song of Songs: A Translation by Jay C. Treat (this link will take you to another site)  -  Ruth: Translations by Samson H. Levey and Christian M. M. Brady  - Lamentations: A translation by Christian M. M. Brady
Images from the Solger MS:Solger MS Images of TgLam  -  Solger MS Images of TgRuth

    Here you can request the display of a single biblical verse in all of its targumic versions in the database.

  Marcus Jastrow - A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature
Potete consultare online (tra gli strumenti del Tyndale Archive of Biblical Studies [link]) una comoda versione del dizionario di Marcus Jastrow (1926). http://www.tyndalearchive.com//TABS/Jastrow/index.htm
Le singole pagine sono indicizzate e lincate. cliccando su ciascuna lettera ebraica, vi appare la lista della prima parola di ogni pagina del dizionario, cliccando arrivate direttamente alla pagina.
Se preferite scaricare i due volumi del dizionario:
A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature by Marcus Jastrow London: Luzac & Co. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons 1903
 A[lef] - k[aw] Volume I (uni-frankfurt)[oppure http://etana.org/node/645]  - L[amed] - t[aw] Volume II (uni-frankfurt)[oppure http://etana.org/node/598 ] -  [ http://sammlungen.ub.uni-frankfurt.de/freimann/urn/urn:nbn:de:hebis:30:1-126708]

Johannes Buxtorf Lexicon chaldaicum, talmudicum et rabbinicum - sono presenti varie copie in archive es. https://archive.org/details/joannisbuxtorfi00fiscgoog  - https://archive.org/details/joannisbuxtorfi01fiscgoog
Ne sono presenti sia copie dell'edizione di Buxtorf sr. sia dell'edizione rivista dal figlio e da B.Fischer 
Buxtorf, Johann, 1599-1664; Fischer, Bernard, 1821-1906
https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22Buxtorf%2C+Johann%2C+1599-1664%22   https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22Buxtorf%2C+Johann%2C+1564-1629%22
Sono presenti anche copie del dizionario ebraico-aramaco biblico con supplemento breve rabbinico.
Vedi anche http://studiumanistici.unipv.it/seth/judaica_varia.html#buxtorf

     R.P. Roger LE DÉAUT (archive) 28 ottobre 1923 - 12 luglio 2000 http://www.biblico.it/defunti/rip_le_deaut.html
Professore emerito della Facoltà Biblica del Pontificio Istituto Biblico;
(Per trent’anni, dal 1964 al 1994, è stato professore di Lingua e letteratura aramaico-targumica nella Facoltà Biblica del Pontificio Istituto Biblico)

Newsletter for Targumic & Cognate Studies    NTCS Targum.info is the home of NTCS – the Newsletter for Targumic and Cognate Studies
International Organization for Targumic Studies

Jean-Jacques Lavoie, recensione di Madeleine Taradach et Joan Ferrer, 1998. Un Targum de Qohéleth. ...

http://divinity.library.vanderbilt.edu/bibliographies/   [ I - 2008 ]
The Judaica Bibliography Prepared by:  Mark A. Christian   archive.org library.vanderbilt.edu/bibliographies/judaica fall2002.pdf
(Biblical, Egyptian, and Samaritan Aramaic      Eastern Aramaic      Western Aramaic)

D. Muñoz León, El rostro nuevo del Pentateuco en el Targum. Reflejos en el Nuevo Testamento, Liber Annuus XLIX (1999)Pgs. 299-327  

G. Bissoli, La Bibbia in aramaico. Verso una mutua definizione di Giudaismo e Cristianesimo, LA 50, Pgs. 166-180

"Apart from the fact that the Palestinian Targum presents the Scripture as actually read in the Synagogue, can we find in them traces of the early Christian community!  .....
Nevertheless it is during the time of Origen’s residence at Caesarea that we have the greatest number of witnesses for a raport between Christianity and sages of the Synagogue. This Christian master has had enormous gains by contacts with the Rabbis. The whole church benefitted from it in interpreting the Scripture. Importance of Targum for interpretation of the NT is being accepted today. ...."

Aramaic Texts Online The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon



Syrisch / Syriac     (Links -  Bibelarbeit.net - Franz Böhmisch) 



Simeon of Gesir: POTTER SONGS Translated from Syriac to German by Sebastian Euringer, 1917, and from German to English by Peter Meditz, 1995. German version originally published in Oriens Christianus, 1917.
The St. Pachomius Orthodox Library  [archive]

THE PEARL: SEVEN HYMNS ON THE FAITH St. Pachomius Orthodox Library
by St. Ephraim of Syria Translated by J.B. Morris re-edited by John Gwynn   

A HYMN AGAINST BAR-DAISAN, By St. Ephraim of Syria Translated by A. S. Duncan Jones, 1904  St. Pachomius Orthodox Library 

Commission on Inter-church Relations and Education Development (C I R E D): SYRIAC DOCUMENTS  (archivio)
Official Website of the Holy Apostolic Assyrian Catholic Church of the East, a ministry of CIRED.

Luc Devroye, School of Computer Science,McGill University, Montreal, CanadaAssyrian/Syriac fonts  [Archvio]

Unicode 7.0 Character Code Charts http://unicode.org/charts/   http://unicode.org/charts/PDF/U0700.pdf

[ old http://web.archive.org/web/20000815081338/http://charts.unicode.org/About.html  Syriac (U+0700..U+074F) ]

"Jan Wilson, The Old Syriac Gospels, Studies and Translations, 2002
With transcriptions by George A. Kiraz and a Foreword by Mar Bawai Soro. Wilson gives a comparative translation of the two earliest versions of the Syriac (or Aramaic) Gospels, with some interesting differences between the Aramaic and traditional Greek texts. This work is useful for theologians, interested laymen and students of Syriac".

"The name „WriteAramaic“ stands for a computer program (Macro), which allows you to write in Aramaic (Syriac) under Microsoft Word97 or under SUN StarOffice5.1. It is possible to write from right to left, independently from the TrueType Fonts. For the program „WriteAramaic“ I developed 5 Aramaic (Syriac) TrueType Fonts, one Estrangelo and four Sertos. I would like to offer you here the possibility to download this software. For downloading please click the following links. By clicking the link „All” the program and the fonts can be downloaded together. The Fonts in the right column are not from me, they are only for supplement" WriteAramaic  [V - 2002]

http://www.metan.purespace.de/index.html  [Archive]

ARAMAIC The language Jesus Christ spoke  

http://www.aramaeer.de/geschichte.htm  [Archive]

http://www.angelfire.com/ok2/dawod/english.html Download "Aramaic Write" [sito con molta pubblicità  ...]

Worldwide Cultural, Historical, Informative Links regarding the Aramean (Syriac) People. 

    Literaturverzeichnis  Literatur zum Neuwestaramäischen  [V - 2002]

Progetto di Dizionario Siriaco-Italiano Del Nuovo Testamento M. Pazzini  Liber Annuus XLVIII (1998) Pgs. 305-313  

Shelly Harrison, https://www.socrates.uwa.edu.au/SheldonHarrison&tab=publications  Vowel Quantity in Jewish Literary Aramaic    

P. J. Williams, Some Problems in Determining the Vorlage of Early Syriac Versions of the NT (This paper has been published in New Testament Studies 47 (2001) 537-43)  P. J. Williams, Book reviews: E. Jan Wilson, The Old Syriac Gospels: Studies and Comparative Translations   

*    sul problema della denominazione cfr.
Richard N. Frye, Assyria and Syria: Synonyms jaas v11n2    
John Joseph, Assyria and Syria: Synonyms?     jaas v11n2       

textes épigraphiques araméens d'Anatolie
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Pierre Briant  New Trends in Achaemenid History Noruz Lecture 2001  http://www.fis-iran.org/achemenid.htm



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