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In queste pagine collocherò  (un po' per volta)
alcuni dei testi (non tutti)
che saranno discussi nel corso delle lezioni
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 Salmi 1 e 2

Sal. 1

Può essere utile la lettura dell'articolo di
Uwe F. W. Bauer, "Anti-Jewish Interpretations of Psalm 1 in Luther and in Modern German Protestantism", The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures [http://www.jhsonline.org/],  Volume 2: Article 2 (1998)   ( http://www.arts.ualberta.ca/JHS/Articles/article8.htm (disponibile anche in formato doc e pdf), del quale cito qui l'Abstract:

"This article presents a detailed analysis of the different forms of anti-Jewish interpretations of Psalm 1 by M. Luther and in Modern German Protestantism (as exemplified by W.M.L de Wette, E.W. Hengstenberg, H. Hupfeld, B. Duhm, R. Kittel, H. Gunkel, A. Weiser, and H. -J. Kraus). These commentaries reviewed fall into three models of interpretation. The first model is marked by positive interpretation and Christian appropriation. In this model the Jews are deemed incapable of attaining the theological level of the Psalm, because—and reducing what these interpreters say to its essence—the Jews in their strict adherence to nomism cut themselves off from the Christian truth.
The second model is that of religio-historical degeneration. The distinguishing feature of this model is that the Psalm is seen as the product of a "decayed post-prophetic Judaism." The third model is that of religio-historical progression. In contrast with the Hebrew-Jewish level of religious development, which is characterized as external and superficial, Christian religiousness is seen as more spiritual, more inward, and thus it is considered higher on the religious scale. If one were to look for a common basis of the anti-Jewish statements of these exegetes, a decisive factor, in my opinion, is Christology, more specifically, the Reformation’s justification-Christology with its exclusivist, anti-Jewish configuration".

  Albert Pietersma, Professor of Septuagint and Hellenistic Greek
                A Draft Commentary on LXX Psalm 1  Sal. 1    

Sal.  2

Può essere utile la lettura degli articoli di
Greg Herrick, Th.M.,
    "Conceptions of Davidic Hope in Psalms 2, 45, and 72", in http://www.bible.org/docs/theology/christ/regal4.htm
    "Conceptions of Davidic Hope in the Greek Psalter and Apocrypha" in http://www.bible.org/docs/theology/christ/regal7.htm

Albert Pietersma, Professor of Septuagint and Hellenistic Greek
                A Draft Commentary on LXX  Psalm 2     Ps. 2   
                            Sal 3         Sal 4

Allan K. Jenkins, Erasmus' Commentary on Psalm, The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures ( jhsonline ) , Volume 3: Article 3

 Salmo 104

Altri Links

    The Psalms Targum: An English Translation by Edward M. Cook      [ VI - 2001 ]

    Molti importanti articoli sui Salmi si troveranno nel sito delle Pubblicazioni  [se nn si trova quanto cercato, può essere utile cercare in Archive date differenti da quelle qui adottate] di David J A Clines   link  link  link 
    (tra l'altro: What Remains of the Old Testament? Its Text and Language in a Postmodern Age   Appendix A: Textual Variants between 2 Samuel 22 and Psalm 18  Appendix B: Versional Variations from 2 Sam 22 and Psalm 18   - Vedere le due liste un po' diverse  A  -  B
    The Qumran Psalms Scroll (11QPsa) - Tyler F. Williams: An Introduction to the Qumran Psalms Scroll (11QPsa)
    Thanksgiving Hymns (1QH) - Sue; Colin     Thanksgiving Hymns (1QH)
    Robert Alter, Robert Alter, From Line To Story in Biblical Verse, Poetics Today, 4.4, 1983 [in JSTOR se avete l'accesso]
    Gindre, Luc «Psaume 16: Tu es mon Seigneur, mon bonheur n'est pas en dehors de toi», BSW 1(1998), 60-13
     Donald (Donald Richard) Broadribb,  An Attempt to Delineate the Characteristic Structure of Classical (Biblical) Hebrew Poetry, Unedited Ph.D. thesis Dept. of Semitic Studies, Uni. Melbourne (Aus), 1964.
        Published in 1995 by Bookleaf Publishing, © 1964 D.Broadribb - Edition by Books Reborn, Aug. 1999 -  (vivamente consigliata la lettura)
    Franz Böhmisch, Kanonische Schriftauslegung am Beispiel des Psalters, Linz 1997.
    Sarah Lind,The Editing of the Psalter, TIC TALK 40, 1998, Newsletter of the United Bible Societies Translation Information Clearinghouse (Utile Sintesi)
         http://www.ubs-translations.org/tt/  Tic Talk has Been Discontinued, but You Can Still Read Past Issues on This Site. Some past issues are available online; for earlier issues contact the editor, Sarah Lind. -
        We hope to present TIC Talk  [earlier] issues here at this site in the near future [*].
    http://web.archive.org/web/20040803202158/http://www.bsw.org/index.php?l=71  http://web.archive.org/web/20080205032548/http://www.bsw.org/project/biblica/
    U. Berges, «Die Knechte im Psalter. Ein Beitrag zu seiner Kompositionsgeschichte» , Biblica Vol. 81(2000) 153-178. consigliato
    Christoph Schroeder, «Psalm 3 und das Traumorakel des von Feinden bedrängten Beters» , Biblica Vol. 81(2000) 243-251.
    Tobias Nicklas, «Der Text und die Texte. Berührpunkte von Textkritik, Textgeschichte und Interpretationsgeschichte am Beispiel von
       Ps  126» , Biblica Vol. 81(2000) 252-261.
    Th. Booij, «Psalm 127,2b: a Return to Martin Luther» , Biblica Vol. 81(2000) 262-268.
    B. Weber, «Zur Datierung der Asaph-Psalmen 74 und 79» , Biblica Vol. 81(2000) 521-532.
    W.D. Tucker Jr., «Psalm 95: Text, Context, and Intertext» , Biblica Vol. 81(2000) 533-541.
    D. Hamidovic;, «"Les portes de justice" et "la porte de YHWH" dans le Psaume 118,19-20» , Vol. 81(2000) 542-550.
   Robinson, B. P., «Form and Meaning in Psalm 131», Biblica Vol. 79(1998) 180-197.
   Booij, Th., «Psalm 119,89-91», Biblica Vol. 79(1998) 539-541.
    John Strugnell and Hanan Eshel, It's Elementary — Psalms 9 and 10 and the Order of the Alphabet, Bible Review

  Franz Böhmisch [new boehmisch], Linz: Ein Liebesgedicht eines jüdischen Weisheitslehrers auf seine Jugendliebe (Sir 51,13-30),
        in Biblisches Forum 1/00 Zeitschrift für Theologie aus biblischer Perspektive   / http://www.bibfor.de/   http://www.bibfor.de/archiv/archiv.htm  

    Eric Reymond A Structural Analysis of Ben Sira 40:11- 44:15    A Dissertation Proposal Presented to The Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

  Johan Lust, "A Lexicon of Symmachus' Special Vocabulary in HisTranslation of the Psalms"

Abstract: Symmachus' version of the Old Testament, one of the three Greek translations Origen used in his Hexapla alongside the Hebrew Bible and the Septuagint, is preserved only in manuscript fragments, most of which are from the Psalms. Lust, author of the recent two-volume A Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint, offers a comprehensive lexicon of Symmachus in the Psalms. Each entry displays the word under review in context in Symmachus' translation of the Psalms, along with the reading of the Septuagint for comparison. Other occurrences of the word in Symmachus, Aquila, or Theodotion are listed in the footnotes.
   Gerald H.Wilson: http://home.apu.edu/~geraldwilson/Resources.html#PoeWis   notevoli tutti i contributi presenti
        The Shape of the Book of Psalms    (Interpretation 46 (1992): 129--142)   (importante)
    The Poetry of the Psalms Understanding Poetic Conventions    Types of Psalms
    Songs for the City: Interpreting Biblical Psalms in an Urban Context        (importanti)
        "Dr. Gerald Wilson, Professor of Biblical Studies at Azusa Pacific University since fall 1999, died on 11 November 2005, immediately after suffering a heart attack." sbl-site - Codex

   Hebrew Poetry of the Old Testament    PsalmsAlphabetic Psalms  [ X - 2001 ]

    new -pnfse old   Mario CIMOSA  SDB   ETERNO E’ IL SUO AMORE lettura esegetica e spirituale della bibbia Salmi 126 - 150  Vol. 6. [ 2002 ]
            si veda anche Libro dei Proverbi

    Dal sito di Paolo Castellina,  "Il canto dei salmi nella Chiesa cristiana. Il culto cristiano moderno "si è dimenticato" di questa antichissima usanza (per altro stabilita da Dio): cantare i Salmi biblici. Ristabiliamo il Salterio: l'unico innario ispirato che Dio ci abbia fornito!" PAROLE E MUSICA

     Chapter 14 Psalms  in  Reading the Old Testament  An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (1999) by Barry L. Bandstra  - 4. Print Edition

  Sul valore del ritmo nella poesia si può  leggere l'interessante saggio di Piero Raffa

   The Psalter - The Book of Psalms   
Frame Version         - http://web.archive.org/web/20021014172404/http://www.angelfire.com/il/psalter/indexframes.html -
Noframe version     - http://web.archive.org/web/20040203002222/http://www.angelfire.com/il/psalter/

   Biblical Theology in Crisis by Brevard S. Childs, Part 3: Testing a Method, Chapter 9: Psalm 8 in the Context of the Christian Canon

     http://www.aarweb.org/syllabus/syllabi/w/watts/1JM9J/OnlinePublications.htm  - http://web.archive.org/web/20070608194008/http://web.syr.edu/~jwwatts/OnlinePublications.htm

    Stefan Enste, »Vertilgen wird sie der Herr, unser Gott!« Über Gewalt in der Bibel  [ Home ]

    Martin Prudký  home  -  Psalm 90: Alles nur vergebliche Mühe? (Sonntag Jubilate, 25. April 1999; Universitätsgottesdienst in der Peterskirche, Heidelberg) (Teil einer Predigtreihe: Arbeit im Licht des christlichen Glaubens)
   Figures of Speech Used in the Bible E.W. Bullinger London, 1898   - http://archive.org/details/figuresofspeechu00bull    pdf    djvu
   Scipio Gentili’s Psalm Metaphrases (1581 and1584)      [ Gentili ]
    Christoph SCHROEDER, Psalm 3 und das Traumorakel des von Feinden bedrängten Beters,  Biblica 81 (2000) 243-251     
    Thijs BOOIJ, «Psalm 133: "Behold, how good and how pleasant"» , Biblica 83(2002) 258-267      
    S. Risse: "Beiträge zur Auslegungsgeschichte der Psalmen" http://www.psalmen.de.tf/      
   What Is Chiasmus?     The X-Files Library

These X-Files are seminal studies regarding chiasmus. Chiasmus is concentric parallelism whereby an author shapes his literary work in order to accentuate the main idea or theme he wishes to convey to his readers.  
    "Verse" article from Kitto's 1880 Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature, dealing with the history of the division of the Bible into chapters and verses.     Sul Sito  di Kevin P. Edgecomb    [da visitare ...!]
   Watts Metrical Psalms (Isaac Watts was born in Southhampton, England on July 17, 1674)      [ Archive ]
"Isaac Watts was born in Southhampton, England on July 17, 1674. His father had spent quite a lot of time in prison because he would not conform to the mandates of the Church of England. Watts was pastor of a large Congregational church in London but poor health prevented him from devoting very much time to his ministerial duties. When he tried to resign because of his poor health, the congregation insisted that he remain as long as he lived. Watts is credited with having written over 750 hymns, including setting most of the Psalms into English metre, many of them set in multiple metres. Benjamin Franklin first brought Watts psalms and hymns to the United States.Watts died in 1748".
    THE PSALMS a special edition of a special book by Joseph Kenny, O.P.   [ Fr Joseph Kenny, OP RIP (1936-2013)  http://kammeo.blogspot.it/2013/07/fr-joseph-kenny-op-rip-1936-2013.html ] [dopo la sua scompaersa la sorte del sito è incerta] 
    (Traduzione inglese e testo ebraico evidenziano: Symmetry of Psalms,   Verses linked by level of indentation.
    Daily Psalms and Canticles Lagos: Dominican Publications. New translation based on text established by M. Dahood. Revision ready for publication
     Daily Psalms and Canticles in original languages  però manca l'introduzione (presente qui [Archive]
     The Psalms In Hausa   - Hausa Bible In Unicode Complete, in common Catholic arrangement Translations of Deuterocanonical sections and new version of Psalms and Canticles by Musa Ɗanjuma and Joseph Kenny, O.P.  HausaBible
Commentary on the Psalms spuriously ascribed to St. Albert the Great of the Order of Preachers - PsalmsAlbert  [Dal sito di Joseph Kenny, O.P.  dove troverete anche i Sami in Hausa ]
    THE PSALMS. a special edition of a special book by Joseph Kenny, O.P.    PsalmsKenny 

    Rhetorica Biblica Sito di Roland Meynet, Teologia biblica, Pontificia Università Gregoriana, Roma (Italia)      
Studia Rhetorica     "Studia Rhetorica intende offrire agli studiosi la possibilità di pubblicare sia studi di testi condotti secondo le procedure dell’analisi retorica, sia ricerche sulle leggi della retorica biblica e semitica. Per gli autori, il vantaggio di questo tipo di pubblicazione è che i loro studi possono essere aggiornati in ogni momento. Per il lettore, il vantaggio consiste nel fatto che possono salvare i documenti su disco. Per gli studi già stampati, il Copyright appartiene ovviamente all’editore; per gli altri, appartiene a Studia Rhetorica".    (Utili contributi non solo sui Salmi)    
Testi fondatori        tra l'altro:
Thomas Boys
,    Tactica Sacra. An attempt to develope, and to exhibit to the eye by tabular arrangements, a general rule of composition prevailing in the Holy Scriptures, T. Hamilton, London 1824. TacticaSacra.pdf    

Thomas Boys,    A Key to the Book of the Psalms, L.B. Seeley & Sons, London 1825. (Google pdf & epub)
Robert LOWTH,    Leçons sur la poésie sacrée des Hébreux traduites pour la première fois en français du latin du Dr Lowth (trad. M. Sicard; 2 vol.; Lyon, 1812): "Dix-neuvième leçon" (sur le parallélisme des membres). Lowth_19 leçon.pdf 
cfr. varie opere in http://archive.org/search creator Lowth Robert
Giorgio Paximadi, Strutture retoriche in tre salmi (Sal 24; 3; 122) E punti di partenza per un cammino interpretativo Studia_Rhetorica - 12.pdf

    PS130.pdf  Rev. Walter L. Michel, Ph.D.,  PSALM 130:1-8   A BRIEF MEDITATION WITH A TRANSLATION AND NOTES AND COMMENTS  [ 2003 ]

    The Bible as Literature    http://web.archive.org/web/20060306231206/http://alpha.fdu.edu/~jbecker/bible/biblebibliography.htm        biblebibliography.htm  

    John Milton    "Psalms"  http://www.infomotions.com/etexts/literature/english/1600-1699/milton-psalms-533.txt



Consiglio anche vivamente la lettura dei seguenti articoli ...

The MAT (MACHINE ASSISTED TRANSLATION (MAT), part of Bible Society's research and development work. Team have created a document called:
"A History of Versification Systems between differing Biblical Traditions."     [ Archive ]
"This paper explores the differing versification structures present in the principal textual traditions. It looks at the history of how these traditions arose. The paper attempts to highlight any potential problems in trying to reconcile those versification systems and suggests ways by which a reconciliation may be approached. It does not attempt to list all the variants between texts but seeks to identify some of the key issues which any attempt at reconciling the texts must address"

"Verse Alignment in the Pentateuch between the Septuagint and Masoretic Texts".     [ Archive ]
"This list is limited to references where the text differs radically between the two books. The data given may well be incomplete. As further information becomes available it will be posted by the MAT Team".

"The Masoretes and the Punctuation of Biblical Hebrew."     [ Archive ]
"This paper addresses the historical background of Masoretes and the historical background which gave rise to the distinctly Hebrew system of punctuation, and provides a brief account of the most common elements of the system".

"Masoretic Hebrew Cantillation and Constituent Structure Analysis."     [ Archive ]
"This paper is written as background information to accompany a paper on "The Masoretes and the Punctuation of Biblical Hebrew". In that paper the authors have described the Masoretic cantillation in terms of constituent structure trees. Here we provide a simple explanation of such trees and attempt to demonstrate the mathematical validity of classifying the cantillation system as a form of constituent structure analysis. Finally, rules are constructed from that analysis to control valid subdivision of verses in the Masoretic text".


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