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Israele - Palestina

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United Nations Division for Palestinian Rights  Palestinian Rights  Question of Palestine [http://www.un.org/Depts/dpa/qpal/index.html dead link]


he Israel Government Gateway provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive starting place for Web surfers interested in getting more information about the Jewish state and its government. The site provides quick access to most government agencies and to an array of public affairs documents - Israel Government Gateway  http://www.gov.il/firstgov/english   http://www.info.gov.il/LAPAMEng  - http://www.israeleconomicmission.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=77&Itemid=90http://collections.europarchive.org/tna/20031110070306/info.gov.il/eng/mainpage.asp  -  http://www.jweekly.com/article/full/16019/israel-s-affairs-now-public-via-government-s-gateway/
Palestinian National Authorit
y http://www.palestinecabinet.gov.ps/site/1/default.aspx   -   -    http://www.worldstatesmen.org/Palestinian_National_Authority.htm 

Maps of  the West Bank     and Gaza   [ V - 2002 ]
        The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection The University of Texas at Austin    Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection Israel Maps  -  Online Maps of Current Interest  


 EDGAR MORIN. Israël-Palestine : Le double regard

Jay Harris (Harvard University) "The Israeli declaration of independence" (Textual Reasoning 7, 1998)
Risposte a Harris     Ruth Abrams  Allan Arkush  David Myers
    il  Volume 7, 1998 (sezione 1. Text Study 1998) è dedicato al tema  "Megillat Ha'atsma'ut -- Israel's Declaration of Independence after 50 Years"
http://www.israel-palestine.com/articlespresse.htm dead link

CONFERENCE INTERNATIONALE "PALESTINE ENTRE SIONISME ET ISRAELISME" 14 - 15 MAI 1998, GENEVE  http://web629.petrel.ch/index.html dead link ("PALESTINE BETWEEN ZIONISM AND ISRAELISM" http://web629.petrel.ch/Anglais.htm)  Government, Religion and Hate Entwined in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, By Kestley Albaugh [http://www.scrippscol.edu/%7Ehome/nrachlin/www/Hate/Article%202.html dead link] "Communities of Hate:  This course will examine broadly how aberrations of   collective identity can lead to hate. Issues and questions   that we consider are: How are identities formed (e.g.  individual, collective)? How are communities imagined?   Are race ethnicity, and gender purely ideological notions?  What is the symbolic process by which groups or societies   create the "Other"? What are the underlying psychological principles of hate? Specific examples (the   Holocaust, the war in Bosnia, and the politics of hate in the United States ) will be used as case studies to explore". [http://www.scrippscol.edu/%7Ehome/nrachlin/www/Hate/ dead link]

        Dag Jørund Lønning, Israeli ways of conceptualising the enemy and implications for Israeli-Palestinian grassroots dialogue

The third Nordic conference on Middle Eastern Studies: Ethnic encounter and culture change - Joensuu, Finland, 19-22 June 1995
        Akram T. Hawas, The new alliance: Turkey and Israel Is it a course towards new division of the Middle East?
        Jostein Brobakk,  'After the Cold War: Structural Changes and Israeli-Palestinian Rapprochement'.
The fourth Nordic Conference on Middle Eastern studies The Middle East in a Globalizing World Oslo, 13-16 August 1998 Proceedings Archive

    LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE PRÉSENTE Un cahier spécial sur le Proche-Orient Nouvelle édition revue et augmentée, mai 2001

Stephen Sizer - Israel: The Revised Version A Review for Third Way of "Righteous Victims : A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-1999" by Benny Morris (London, John Murray, 2000) (XII - 2001)
    "The French philosopher Ernest Renan apparently once defined a nation satirically as "a group of people united by a mistaken view about the past and a hatred of their neighbours." Unravelling the causes of the long and convoluted Arab-Israeli conflict is in many ways an unenviable and Herculean task, at least for the individual historian, let alone to the mutual satisfaction of both Zionists and the 'new historians', a phrase first coined by Benny Morris in 1988. The search for peace in the Middle East, as much as its historical analysis, has become intractable, clichéd in its complexity, with every dispute traceable to centuries of animosity and mutual mistrust, fuelled by cycles of violence and revenge, justified by sacred texts and the deep conviction that each side are the 'righteous victims' of the other. ....."
                                                                                                                                                                                                Stephen Sizer http://stephensizer.blogspot.it/  http://www.cc-vw.org/articles/articles.html

Azure •SPRING  5760 /2000
    From the Editors: Making History link

"Israel's "new historians" have come of age. It was scarcely a decade ago that books such as Benny Morris' Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1947-1949 (1987) and Tom Segev's The Seventh Million (1991) appeared, heralding the arrival of a cadre of young Israeli historians radically at odds with the way that previous scholars had recounted the story of Zionism. In particular, the new historians painted a highly unflattering picture of Israel's founding, centered around the Zionist leadership's mistreatment of the Arabs during and after the War of Independence (Morris) and its errors of omission and commission towards the victims and survivors of the Holocaust (Segev). At the time, the new perspective on Israel's past was generally dismissed as a fringe phenomenon, and only a handful of names were associated with it. Since then, however, scholars openly identified with the new history—and with the similar treatment of Zionism in disciplines such as political science, sociology and philosophy—have grown appreciably in numbers and influence. Many of them have earned coveted tenure-track positions at Israeli universities, while their views have been widely disseminated by the Israeli media, especially in the daily Ha'aretz (Israel's equivalent of The New York Times), and most spectacularly in Tekuma, Israel Television's 1998 documentary miniseries on the Jewish state's first fifty years. ....."
What is Azure?    "Azure: Ideas for the Jewish Nation presents the best in Jewish and Israeli thought from the Jewish state and around the world. Published simultaneously in English and Hebrew, Azure goes beyond the headlines to provide thought-provoking analysis of the latest cultural and intellectual trends in the Jewish world. Through diverse contributors from across the religious and political spectra, Azure champions the strength and relevance of Jewish tradition and the centrality of a strong, free and Jewish State of Israel for the future of the Jewish people. Azure maintains editorial offices in both Jerusalem and Washington, D.C."

ETHAN BRONNER, Israel: The Revised Edition.  Two historians offer re-examinations of the Zionist-Arab conflict.
    (Len & Libby Traubman's Family Homepage - Published in the New York Times - Book Reviews - November 14, 1999)

" .....  The traditional history of the Jewish state portrays Zionism as a pure, almost nave movement of young socialists who fled European anti-Semitism beginning in the 1880's to return to the land of their forefathers. Palestine, this history relates, was a neglected arid strip with a small Jewish population and a larger but still insignificant Arab one. ......."
".....    Arab scholars and some outsiders have long dismissed this narrative as false and self-serving. But until the middle 1980's, few Israelis saw much to challenge there. Then, with the opening of Israeli state archives and the maturation of a young generation of historians, many of them trained abroad (Shlaim and Morris are among the most prominent examples), Israeli scholars began to question key elements of that history. They declared that the old history was myth, and that they were writing the ''new history.'' They have thus collectively become known as Israel's ''new historians,'' and when their work built up the critical mass of a genuine scholarly movement in the early years of this decade, it created quite a storm. ....."

NADINE PICAUDOU, LA RÉVISION HISTORIOGRAPHIQUE SE POURSUIT    Israël, les Arabes et le « mur d'acier »      (XII - 2001)
(LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE | AOÛT 2000 | Page 31 http://www.monde-diplomatique.fr/2000/08/PICAUDOU/14138)

"Les négociations de camp David, qui se sont poursuivies pendant la seconde moitié du mois de juillet, ont montré le caractère indispensable d'une connaissance rigoureuse de l'histoire. Dans cet esprit, après s'être attachés à la relecture du conflit de 1948 suite à l'ouverture, en 1978, des archives israéliennes et britanniques, les « nouveaux historiens » israéliens prolongent, chacun à leur manière, la révision des mythes fondateurs de l'Etat, avec la publication de deux nouveaux ouvrages majeurs : Righteous Victims. A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict 1881-1999 , de Benny Morris, et The Iron Wall. Israel and the Arab World , d'Avi Shlaïm - auxquels s'ajoute, en France, la traduction du livre d'Ilan Pappé, La Guerre de 1948 en Palestine. Aux origines du conflit israélo-arabe . "
Michel Peyrard, Cinquante ans après l’indépendance d’Israël, jamais les jeunes Israeliens ne se sont autant battus... Entre eux
    Les 50 ans d'Israël : Cinq guerres pour la paix

DEREK J. PENSLAR,  A Skeptical Scholar Re-Examines Israel's Struggles With Benny Morris's 'Righteous Victims,' the Israeli New History Comes of Age    ("Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-1999" By Benny Morris).    link Archive  -  [l'archivio di http://forward.com/  (The Jewsih Daily) si ferma prima ;-) ]

MARC PERELMAN,    Scholars Clash at Israel History Confab ( http://web.archive.org/web/20050216161950/http://www.forward.com/issues/2001/01.03.02/news7.html )

Shalom Achshav -  Pace Now    Shalom Achshav     Pace Now 

    "Shalom Achshav [Peace Now], the largest grassroots movement in Israel's history, was founded in March 1978 by 348 reserve commanders, officers, and combat soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces. Experience had taught these citizen soldiers that only a politically negotiated solution could end their nation's hundred-year war with its Arab and Palestinian neighbors. As they wrote to then Prime Minister Menachem Begin: "Real security can be achieved only when we achieve peace."

                                                Tuesday 2April: 405 Israelis, 1084 Palestinians died

"Moria Shlomot, Director of Peace Now: "Security for Israel cannot be achieved while we lack a border. A border cannot be established while the occupation continues. The occupation will continue while the settlements remain on the ground. The government's military reaction, which includes calling up reserves and pushing further towards total war, is cowardly and bankrupt. It is the reaction of a leadership incapable of doing what a growing majority of Israelis [see today's Yedioth Aharonth poll] are demanding: dismantling the settlements, ending the occupation and establishing a border. ......"   Archive 
"PEACE NOW - the Israeli Peace Movement - was founded in 1978 by 348 reserve officers and soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces. The first and only mass peace movement in Israel, PEACE NOW rapidly became the single most important extra-parliamentary force for peace in the country, attracting hundreds of thousands to its mass rallies and activities ......".
    http://www.peacenow.org.il/English.asp?Redirect=3    http://www.peacenow.org.il/English.asp
Americans for Peace Now: http://www.peacenow.org
Canadian Friends of Peace Now: http://www.peacenowcanada.org/
" ...Peace Now demands that the government of Israel enter into negotiations with the Palestinians, on the basis of the Tabaa principles. At the same time, the movement calls upon the government to initiate certain steps which will demonstrate to the Palestinians that Israel's intent is to end the occupation: immediate withdrawal from all Gaza and parts of Samaria, including the dismantling of settlements within these areas. In parallel, the government of Israel should respond to the Saudi initiative positively, and as an historic breakthrough in Israel's relationship to the Arab world. ..." http://www.peacenowcanada.org/

Gush Shalom

"Gush Shalom is the hard core of the Israeli peace movement. Often described as "resolute", "militant", "radical" or "consistent", it is known for its unwavering stand in times of crisis, such as the al-Aksa intifada.For years now, Gush Shalom has played a leading role in determining the moral and political agenda of the peace forces in Israel, as well as in breaking the so-called "national consensus" based on misinformation". Gush Shalom

archive.org 2002 04 06 http://www.gush-shalom.org/english/index.html
A Flash Presentation of Barak's "Generous Offers".This will help you know the facts and thereby break the Myth
The Writings of Israel Shamir  "a leading Russian Israeli writer, is a champion of the "One Man, One Vote, One State" solution seeking to unite Palestine & Israel in one democratic state. Shamir's work and that of his contributors speaks to the aspirations of both the Israelis and the Palestinians seeking an end to the bloodshed, true democracy and lasting peace"
http://www.israelshamir.net/Italian/Italian.htm  [Gli articoli qui tradotti e pubblicati  possono essere  letti in lingua originale al sito www.israelshamir.net]
Israel Shamir  articoli italiani (traduzione parziale)  articoli  inglesi [solo una parte di questi sono tradotti in italiano] Vampire killers  Our Lady of Sorrow

        "Eleições em Israel: O bulldozer assassino
A vitória anunciada de Ariel Sharon nas eleições de anteontem, marcadas por forte abstenção, nada augura de bom para o processo de paz no Médio Oriente.    Ariel Sharon, o bulldozer como lhe chamam os israelitas, é um assassino".

" Qibya, Sabra e Chatila, territori autonomi

La sanguinosa ascesa del generale Sharon
Giustificata con la lotta al terrorismo, la rioccupazione da parte dell'esercito israeliano delle città autonome della Cisgiordania ha provocato un vero e proprio bagno di sangue. A quanto pare il vecchio generale Sharon, diventato primo ministro di Israele nel febbraio scorso, ha perso il pelo ma non il vizio".  [......]
"Una commissione di inchiesta israeliana concluse che il generale Sharon aveva una responsabilità diretta nel massacro e raccomandò di destituirlo dall'incarico di ministro della Difesa (5). Sharon dovette quindi abbandonare quel posto tanto ambito dai militari.
Il massacro aveva inoltre provocato l'ira del mediatore americano Philip Habib, che aveva organizzato la partenza dell'Olp da Beirut.
«Sharon è un assassino, animato dall'odio contro i palestinesi. Ho assicurato ad Arafat che i palestinesi [rimasti a Beirut] non sarebbero stati toccati, ma Sharon non ha onorato i patti. Una promessa di quest'uomo non vale nulla» (6).
Questo elemento caratteriale sembra segnare tutta la carriera militare e politica di Sharon.
Anche Ben Gurion, che pure ammirava le doti di questo giovane e coraggioso militare, si è chiesto se «Arik» avrebbe finito un giorno per dire la verità"
http://www.eurisko.it/socialtrends/SEL295.htm     Le "Stragi" di Sharon
".... Chi cerca di dare una spiegazione al perdurare del doloroso conflitto nel Medio Oriente invoca motivi di carattere storico, politico, economico e religioso. Questi esistono, sicuramente, ma bisogna domandarsi quanto influiscono pure le personalità e gli atteggiamenti dei leader attuali. In particolare, la profonda e perdurante ostilità del generale Sharon verso i palestinesi e gli arabi costituisce un fattore non trascurabile di quanto è accaduto negli ultimi cinquant'anni, come negli ultimi mesi. ..." 
  [ un articolo di Amnon Kapeliouk (giornalista, Gerusalemme) (Testo tradotto e adattato da:) Le Monde diplomatique, novembre 2001].    vedi anche
Da "Amore e guerra in Palestina" - La Stampa 14 aprile 2002 di Barbara Spinelli ( http://www.lastampa.it/_WEB/_P_VISTA/spinelli/  dead link)
 "... Il secondo inganno è israeliano, e riguarda non solo il ritiro dell’esercito dai territori ma l’abbandono delle colonie in Cisgiordania e Gaza. Nel 1977, quando Menahem Begin rifiutò la domanda di Carter di congelare gli insediamenti, i coloni erano settemila e le colonie erano 45. Ora sono circa trecentocinquantamila (compresi i dintorni di Gerusalemme Est) e le colonie ammontano a più di centocinquanta".
" ... L’integralismo di Sharon non conduce la sua battaglia solo per metter fine al terrorismo, ma per creare una grande Israele, resa possibile da quelle centinaia di colonie che coprono a macchia di leopardo i territori. Il nuovo ministro ultrareligioso Effi Eitam, generale di brigata, lo ha ammesso in un’intervista: «La concezione laica del sionismo è fallita (...) e la sola ragion d’essere di Israele è di creare uno Stato realmente ebraico». Stato che dovrà avere tre fondamenti. Primo: «La parte occidentale di Eretz Israele - la terra biblica di Israele fra il mare e il Giordano, costituisce lo spazio vitale del popolo ebraico». Secondo: «La nostra storia, la nostra cultura, la nostra lingua, non sono riducibili ai McDonald’s». Terzo: «Noi soli al mondo intratteniamo un dialogo con Dio in quanto popolo. Il nostro Stato ha un messaggio da trasmettere al mondo, una missione: ricordare l’esistenza di Dio all’umanità» (Le Monde, 4 aprile 2002) ... ".

copie si trovano  qui
http://digilander.libero.it/margheritaalba/A140402Spinelli.html  / http://it.dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/compagnia/message/16142?var=1


Courage to Refuse - Combatant's Letter (http://www.seruv.org.il/defaulteng.asp) [ IV 2002]

"We, reserve combat officers and soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, who were raised upon the principles of Zionism, sacrifice and giving to the people of Israel and to the State of Israel, who have always served in the front lines, and who were the first to carry out any mission, light or heavy, in order to protect the State of Israel and strengthen it.
We shall not continue to fight beyond the 1967 borders in order to dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people.
We hereby declare that we shall continue serving in the Israel Defense Forces in any mission that serves Israel’s defense.
The missions of occupation and oppression do not serve this purpose – and we shall take no part in them".
         Per il testo completo     Statement of Ohmets Lesarev ("Courage to Refuse")

A web portal (couragetorefuse.org) to unite international supporters of the Israeli Refusers    [ IV 2002]

"Increasing numbers of military refusers are being imprisoned. Please join the campaign and speak out in support of the refusers!"
NIMN supports the Israeli soldiers and conscripts who have the Courage to Refuse
    "Not In My Name (nimn.org) is a Jewish peace group that was formed in November 2000 to work for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians"    [ IV 2002 ]
Non dimenticare la Palestina - LETTERA AGLI EBREI ITALIANI (di Franco Lattes Fortini)    [ IV 2002]

ALAIN GRESH, La dernière guerre du général Ariel Sharon  LeMONDE DIPLOMATIQUE 9 avril 2002   [ IV 2002]

    " ...    Le premier ministre Sharon espère ainsi, après s'être débarrassé de l'Autorité et de M. Yasser Arafat, faire accepter la « solution à long terme » qu'il préconise depuis 1998 (5) : quelques bantoustans palestiniens autogérés, enserrés dans un carcan de colonies juives, dont le réseau n'a cessé de s'étendre depuis la signature des accords d'Oslo de 1993 ; les Palestiniens géreraient leurs propres affaires, sans aucune forme de souveraineté.
Cette manœuvre est vouée à l'échec. Comme le souligne l'historien israélien Zeev Sternhell : « Seul un esprit malade peut espérer que l'occupation des territoires entraîne la fin de la guérilla et de la terreur (6).  » Depuis dix-huit mois, la seconde Intifada traduit le rejet par les Palestiniens d'une occupation illégitime, qui se perpétue depuis trente-cinq ans en dépit de multiples résolutions des Nations unies et au défi des accords d'Oslo. Malgré les souffrances endurées, les Palestiniens ne renoncent pas à obtenir la fin immédiate de l'occupation. L'Autorité palestinienne comme le Fatah et les principales organisations palestiniennes - à l'exception du Hamas - revendiquent le droit à un Etat indépendant sur les territoires occupés en juin 1967, avec Jérusalem-Est pour capitale, aux côtés de l'Etat d'Israël.
Ce droit leur est reconnu par la communauté internationale, y compris désormais par Washington, qui a pris l'initiative de faire voter par le Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies, le 13 mars 2002, la résolution 1397 : celle-ci affirme l'attachement « à la vision d'une région dans laquelle deux Etats, Israël et la Palestine, vivent côte à côte, à l'intérieur de frontières sûres et reconnues ». Le sommet arabe de Beyrouth des 27 et 28 mars 2002 a adopté, à l'unanimité, le plan du prince-héritier saoudien Abdallah Ben Abdelaziz préconisant des « relations normales » avec Israël en échange d'un retrait total des troupes israéliennes sur les lignes du 4 juin 1967. Les négociations de Taba de janvier 2001 entre le gouvernement de M. Ehoud Barak et l'Autorité avaient dessiné les contours d'un compromis acceptable par les deux peuples (7). .... "

Danielle Steen, NATION BUILDING  AND ARCHAEOLOGICAL NARRATIVE IN THE WEST BANK (Stanford Journal of Archaeology )  [pdf]

Consiglio vivamente la letture dei seguenti articoli (ediz. inglese di Haaretz: - ediz. ebraica Haaretz)

"Tragic for us all, our own Greek hero"  By Baruch Kimmerling.  Presentazione del volume: "Ehud Barak: Fighting the Demons" di Ran Edelist  -   In http://www.haaretz.com/  [ IV - 2003]

The Jerusalem paradox  By Yossi Beilin.  Presentazione del volume: "The Palestinian Struggle for Jerusalem" by Moshe Amirav -     In http://www.haaretz.com/   [ IV - 2003]

Israele ... :  la conversione un problema di stato  "the conversion war" http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=134179&contrassID=3&subContrassID=0&sbSubContrassID=0

"secular justice is like secular education, which a Jew in general, and a religious Jew in particular, is barred from using"
Uno stato confessionale ....   "Invoking an ancient criterion. Even the Haredi public is affected by the gap between the rabbinic authorities and popular practice - the women of the Shas movement, most of whom continue to wear wigs despite the fierce condemnation of this practice by the movement's spiritual mentor, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, are only one example" By Yair Sheleg     Apr.13, 2003   Yair Sheleg

"Metzger and Amar elected as new chief rabbis Rabbi Yona Metzger was elected Ashkenazi chief rabbi and Rabbi Shlomo Amar was elected Sephardi chief rabbi yesterday. Rabbi Metzger won the support of 63 of the 150 members of the election committee, and Amar won a sweeping victory with 124 votes. The committee comprises 80 rabbis and 70 representatives of the public, including Knesset members and mayors" By Jonathan Lis Apr.15, 2003  rabbi

http://middleeastinfo.orgopinioni ...sui territori  :-(

Le intenzioni di Sharon: " So we're looking at a long story with every step of the way taking forever - just what Sharon loves"

Documents on the conflict ordered by date
(documents listed here are those that have been referred to by bitterlemons writers and are not meant to be an all-inclusive list of Middle East docs)
Bitterlemons.org http://www.bitterlemons.net/ is a website that presents Israeli and Palestinian viewpoints on prominent issues of concern. It focuses on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and peace process. It is produced, edited and partially written by Ghassan Khatib, a Palestinian, and Yossi Alpher, an Israeli - Info

"[...] In some measure, Israeli society made a decision to shunt democracy aside when it permitted the settlement enterprise in occupied territories, which are not part of the state and are home to millions of people who are not citizens of the state - indeed, they have effectively been deprived of most of the rights that citizens with equal rights possess in their country. The occupation and the settlements, then, are the antithesis of democracy, and to describe Israel today as being democratic is basically tantamount, albeit with certain differences, to describing South Africa in its apartheid period as democratic. Plainly, in both cases the description is Newspeak of the worst kind. [...]"

Friday, April 18, 2003 Nisan 16, 5763 http://www.haaretz.com
Amos Schocken at a meeting of the Israel Communication Association, April 13, 2003, at Bar-Ilan University

"Two Israelis who witnessed Palestinians being shot by the IDF could not believe their eyes.
 In recent weeks, columnist Gideon Levy described two violent incidents in the territories in which a Palestinian boy was killed and a Palestinian girl was injured. In the wake of these articles, two eyewitnesses sent their testimonies on the circumstances of the shootings. Both raise serious questions concerning the behavior of IDF soldiers ..... " [By Barak Ravid  Sep 5, 2012  12:48 PMhttp://www.haaretz.com/

"There is nothing new about the dominance - unexampled in any other democracy - of the Israeli army in setting policy, though in the present government the phenomenon seems to be assuming extreme dimensions. Civilians - and civil worldviews - have been totally excluded from any involvement or influence in the diplomatic process".  [By Reuven Pedatzur | May.11, 2003 12:00 AM ]   http://www.haaretz.com/

"Thus comparing Germany of the 1920s and early `30s to Israel at the start of the third millennium is not only permissible but imperative - for gaining an insight into how barbarous regimes develop, grasping the differences (and there are many profound ones), and discerning the similarities, which ought to worry us.
In this country, we don't execute people for their opinions. We don't even fire them for that reason. There is no ideology supportive of genocide, and even transfer is opposed by the overwhelming majority of Israelis. But we do arrest people without trial. We do throw people who have not been accused of anything into mass detention centers, if not concentration camps. We do keep people locked up in their cities and villages, if not ghettos. We do discriminate between Arabs and Jews in every sphere. We do build roads that only Jews can use and are guilty of violating the most basic human rights - in the territories but also west of them. So why shouldn't we compare? How can we not?"     "Elsewhere, perhaps"   By Gideon Levy   (http://www.haaretz.com/)

"GERUSALEMME. Rimangiandosi la promessa di smantellare alcuni insediamenti di coloni ebrei nei territori palestinesi, nel quadro delle «rinunce dolorose» da compiere in cambio della pace con i palestinesi, il primo ministro israeliano Ariel Sharon ha affermato ieri che quegli insediamenti dovranno restare sotto sovranità israeliana. Il primo ministro ha così aderito alla posizione delle correnti oltranziste del suo partito, il Likud, contro la «mappa» per la pacificazione proposta da Stati Uniti, Nazioni Unite, Unione Europea e Russia.  Questa presa di posizione è contenuta in un'intervista pubblicata dal «Jerusalem Post» a breve distanza dalla visita del segretario di stato americano Colin Powell".  http://www.laprovinciapavese.quotidianiespresso.it/provinciapavese/arch_14/nazionale/attualita/la205.htm  dead link   laprovinciapavese

"What, then, are we to do? First of all, we must not silence our sense of right and wrong. As much as we may be inclined to stay out of a quarrel that seems destined to run its course, we don't have the luxury to let it go on. Second, we must do our utmost to stop the violence on both sides. This implies, among others, a careful distinction between the kinds of violence enacted by both sides. The situation is asymmetric. It used to be rocks against rubber bullets, and now it is random suicide bombings meant to terrorize and hurt as many civilians as possible at the cost of one's own life against tanks and armored vehicles destroying the infrastructure of an entire people, along with the lives of hundreds of individuals and families. Both sides hurt, but they hurt differently and for different reasons. The differences need to be kept in mind even as we must urge both sides to stop the violence. Third, most analysts agree that military action cannot uproot terrorist or guerrilla warfare. It can merely disrupt it. While, from the Israeli perspective, disruption of the terrorist infrastructure is a desirable and immediate goal, the means by which Israeli forces are proceeding seem to serve other, undisclosed ulterior ends as well. We must not allow the Sharon government to force us to ascent to the use of means that serve such undisclosed ulterior ends. If we want to prevent this war from going on for another hundred years we must reign in the force unleashed by the butcher of Beirut, and we must do it now" [...].        No Relief From the War of Words. And Yet, Speak We Must!     By Michael Zank - Textual Reasoning 2002 TR 4/3/02    (---[http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/journals/tr/indexpast.html ]

"    [...]
Tragic Justice
For both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs, the presence of the other is their most significant and inescapable challenge. Whether we agree that their dispute pits "right" against "right," it is no less dramatic by a clash of powerful convictions. Perhaps the quest for "absolute justice" in this conflict is futile and, consequently, that fixation upon the past must be transcended and a "tragic justice" accepted. The Israeli author Amos Oz reminds us that tragedies can be resolved in two ways:

. . . there is the Shakespearean resolution and there is the Chekhovian one. On the one hand, at the end of a Shakespearean tragedy, the stage is strewn with dead bodies and maybe there's some justice hovering high above. A Chekhov tragedy, on the other hand, ends with everybody disillusioned, embittered, heartbroken, disappointed, absolutely shattered, but still alive. And I want a Chekhovian and not a Shakespearean one for the Israeli/Palestinian tragedy (Oz 1994, 16).
Yet this is not the last word. One generation's heartbreak and disillusionment is often fuel for another's cause. What is essential is not only that both Israelis and Palestinians remain alive, but how they remain alive. The safest normative conclusion is that each must retain enough dignity and a capacity for interacting in a manner that is conducive to long-term stability throughout the region. Whether this will be achieved remains an open question as the conflict enters its second century".
    Tomis Kapitan, The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:Its History, and Some Philosophical Questions it Raises http://ontology.buffalo.edu/smith//  [ VII - 2003]

Il governo di Israele adotta metodi terroristici come riconosce il quotidiano israeliano haaretz   [Zvi Bar'el Sep.14, 2003]
"No one disputes that the removal of a leader can foment a turning point in historic processes. However, this generally has been the method of terrorist organizations and not of governments, still less of democratic governments"
Di fattol'attuale governo d' Israele sembra rinunciare a qualsiasi seria soluzione politica  [With one decision, the Israeli cabinet succeeded in resurrecting Yasser Arafat, whose importance appeared to be declining both internationally and in the Arab world. The cabinet's declaration of its intention to deport or kill Arafat raises serious doubts as to its capability to handle the acute, bloody crisis with the Palestinians adequately] (For the glory of CYA  [Ariel Mayor Ron Nahman of the Likud chose a rude but popular phrase to express his view of the government's strategic horizon: CYA (cover your ass). Nahman was referring to the decision about the separation fence, but the definition is good for practically every other matter that Israeli governments have touched in the last decade. By Akiva Eldar Sep.15, 2003]) in favore del puro terrore  "Due to the absence of a political plan and the difficulty of finding satisfactory answers to terror, the Israeli leadership's anger, desire for revenge and frustration are dictating decisions, such as the one made over the weekend".   [2003]

    "Duemila abitanti palestinesi e libanesi dei campi di Sabra e Chatila, alla periferia di Beirut, vennero massacrati dal 16 al 18 settembre del 1982 da miliziani delle forze filo-israeliane, sotto la supervisione e con il sostegno logistico dell'esercito di Tel Aviv che aveva occupato da poche ore Beirut ovest. Pochi giorni prima le forze multinazionali che avrebbero dovuto difendere i campi profughi dopo la partenza da Beirut dei fedayin palestinesi e far rispettare l'impegno israeliano a non entrare nella parte occidentale della città assediata dal giugno precedente, si erano prematuramente ritirate" http://web.archive.org/web/20050204072543/http://ilmanifesto.it/app/chatila/art59-2000-09-02.html    http://www.ilmanifesto.it/app/chatila/art33-2000-09-17.html

"Le chiavi per capire la tragica storia contemporanea d’Israele non vengono da fuori, come spesso si pensa: vengono tutte dall’interno stesso del mondo ebraico, come ai tempi in cui Ezechiele chiamava il proprio popolo al suo dovere, e lo chiamava popolo di dura cervice e di cuore ostinato. E’ il caso di Ephraim Halevy, ex capo dei servizi segreti israeliani e consigliere dimissionario del primo ministro Sharon: è lui a dirci che da almeno nove mesi in Israele non si fa più politica" 14 settembre 2003 http://www.lastampa.it/_WEB/_P_VISTA/spinelli/

"Yehoshua parla dei territori come di una droga, di cui gli estremisti israeliani e i coloni nei territori occupati non possono più fare a meno. Una droga che accentua quello che viene definito il vizio mortale d’Israele: la sua tendenza a vivere fuori dell’ordine politico, indifferente agli eventi mutevoli della storia"    spinelli030615 "L'incubo di un nuovo Sud Africa (Israele)" http://www.lastampa.it/_web/_P_VISTA/spinelli/archivio/spinelli030615.asp

Le trappole dei sionisti cristiani 6 aprile 2003 http://www.lastampa.it/_web/_P_VISTA/spinelli/archivio/spinelli030406.asp

"!27 piloti israeliani: noi non spariamo più
Ieri sera 27 piloti israeliani della riserva hanno reso noto di non essere disposti ad eseguire in futuro «esecuzioni mirate» di militanti palestinesi nei Territori. Tra loro c'è anche il generale Yiftah Spector, comandante di squadriglia nella guerra del '73. «Noi, piloti di notevole anzianità e tuttora attivi, ci rifiutiamo di compiere attacchi illegali ed immorali, come quelli che Israele conduce nei Territori». "  25-IX-2003     http://www.ilmanifesto.it/

"We, both veteran and active pilots, who have served and who still serve the state of Israel, are opposed to carrying out illegal and immoral orders to attack, of the type Israel carries out in the territories," the letter states. "We, for whom the IDF and the air force are an integral part of our being, refuse to continue to hit innocent civilians ... The continued occupation is critically harming the country's securityhttp://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/343998.html

"Arafat represents a national conflict that demands Israeli concessions. His removal will not rip the heart out of the conflict and will not change the Palestinians' political demands. Former Palestinian prime minister Abu Mazen did not consider forgoing those demands, the new prime minister, Abu Ala, will not forgo them, and no other Palestinian candidate will be able to forgo them, either, whether he is in Ramallah or at the ends of the earth. haaretz.com

The concept of 2003    "There's not too much effort required to reach the conclusion that the Israeli leadership has fallen victim in 2003 to a strategic "concept" as it did in 1973". ... "As the Days of Awe of 5764 approach, it's time for a new assessment. Instead of giving up any political effort and waiting for the Americans to beat up the Arabs for Israel, the main lesson of the Iraq war and its outcome should be understood: Even the only superpower in the world suffers from the limits of power and sometimes a country has to change policy, even if it means swallowing the hubris of yesterday."
    "In Israel's national mythology, the aura of the army has no parallel"    http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=343937&displayTypeCd=1&sideCd=1&contrassID=2

"Un rapporto dell'Onu denuncia il Muro di Israele come un tentativo di annessione di "sostanziose porzioni" dei territori palestinesi. Tentativo che deve essere condannato con forza dalla comunità internazionale in quanto "atto illegale di conquista", come a suo tempo per l'annessione di Gerusalemme est e delle alture del Golan.  "Un'annessione di questo genere è nota in base al diritto internazionale con un altro nome: conquista" dice il documento".    http://www.rainews24.rai.it/

"Gerusalemme, 1 ottobre 2003: Il "muro della discordia" avanza, lungo il confine con la Cisgiordania, nonostante le critiche al progetto arrivate da gran parte della comunità internazionale. Dopo quattro ore di dibattito, il governo israeliano ha dato oggi il via libera alla realizzazione della prossima sezione della vasta barriera di sicurezza che separa il territorio israeliano dalla Cisgiordania".     http://www.rainews24.rai.it/Notizia.asp?NewsID=41870
"Secondo il primo ministro designato dell'Autorità Nazionale Palestinese, Abu Ala, la decisione assunta oggi dal governo israeliano contribuisce "alla distruzione di tutte le possibilità per conseguire la pace e riportare la situazione alla calma".

"How much is an Israeli soldier's life really worth? And what is the price of the life of a Palestinian youth who hurls stones at that soldier? Stated in concrete terms, has Israel done enough to train and equip its troops to protect themselves from Palestinian gunmen and rock-throwers, and has it gone far enough to reduce lethal and serious injury to unarmed Arabs of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.    The answer, as stated in the State Comptrollers report out this week, was a resounding and ominous No.     http://www.haaretz.com/  ShArt    http://www.haaretz.com

Pent up fury   By Sara Leibovich-Dar  "Following publication of the pilots' letter against participating in missions in the territories, some of the nation's top writers have joined the fray with their own different, but generally supportive petitions. Who signed what - and why ...." 348311.html

"[...] Basically, Sharon is still the Sharon from 50 years ago - the Sharon of reprisal raids, the Sharon who "cleaned up Gaza" and got rid of terrorism in one blow 33 years ago, the Sharon who has adhered to the same motto since the Stone Age, that what can't be done by force can be done by more force. [...] Her story raises the question of whether the outcome of stepping up the use of force is taken into account. When Sharon allows Israeli planes to bomb deep inside Syria, a country with which there has not been a border incident since the separation agreements 29 years ago, has he given any thought to what may happen in the future? Does he realize what our lives will look like if Arafat is blown away? The policy of expanding reprisal operations is leading us nowhere. [...] Sharon was a popular brand name once, but his shelf life has expired. He is no longer fit to lead this country.  [...] "   Past his shelf life  By Yoel Marcus
        naturalmente c'è chi la pensa in modo diverso (evidentemente c'è chiu ama le strade  senza uscita!)

Continua il massacro indiscriminato di civili da parte dell'esercito israeliano:   "terrosrismo di stato"
    «Fermate la follia di Sharon» "Critiche agli ultimi attacchi aerei sono arrivate dalla stampa israeliana. «Il Padrone di casa (cioè: Israele, ndr) è impazzito», titolava il quotidiano Maariv. Mentre la radio militare in mattinata informava gli ascoltatori che era difficile rintracciare un ministro disposto a commentare il massacro di Gaza. Secondo Yediot Ahronot «nel conflitto con i palestinesi, gli israeliani sono precipitati al punto in cui non vengono più poste domande, e chi osa sollevarle riceve lo stigma di traditore». «Non si discute - ha scritto il giornale - che sia necessario inseguire i terroristi e i loro gruppi. Ma è mai possibile che qualcuno fra di noi abbia deciso che tutta la società palestinese rappresenta un obiettivo? Se la risposta è positiva, davvero non ci sono più limiti e restiamo con una guerra fine a se stessa, con uccisioni fini a se stesse». "
http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art61.html        22 X 03
            "le più potenti armi di distruzione di massa, quelle nucleari, in Medioriente ce l'ha in mano Israele, il più stretto alleato degli Stati uniti". http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art56.html         22 X 03

l'infame muro    "Israel vows to go on with fence, despite UN condemnation"    351904.html

"Nella risoluzione approvata si chiede al governo di Tel Aviv di "porre termine alla costruzione del muro nei territori occupati palestinesi", definendo la barriera di sicurezza "contraria" alle leggi internazionali". assemblea.html

"Il Muro. L'esercito israeliano decide chi è residente"    http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art63.html          22 X 03
"Expulsion, little by little "    http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/352371.html

"L'altra sera alla tv israeliana è andato in onda Ariel Sharon, in quella che avrebbe potuto essere un programma dal titolo: «Le risoluzioni delle Nazioni unite sono carta straccia». Intervistato venerdì dal Canale 2, il primo ministro israeliano ha confermato che il suo governo prevede di alzare un muro anche nella Valle del Giordano, nella parte orientale dei Territori occupati, e che il 9 novembre inizierà la costruzione di un'altra parte della barriera, attorno alle colonie di Ariel e Kedumim".
http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art42.html             22 X 03

"But Monday's bombing, and the declared intention of the IDF to keep up this practice, undermines the "we-didn't-mean-it" argument. When the target is in the midst of a densely populated civilian area, even if it is deliberately located there, the assailant cannot hide behind this defense, even if it uses sophisticated weapons such as those of the Israel Air Force"    http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/352392.html

"Israel? Just another Jewish community"   By Gad Yaacobi http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/352369.html

"The petitioners, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) and B'tselem, charge that the killing of civilians is rarely investigated and almost never leads to charges being brought. In three years of Israel-Palestinian violence, 2,527 people have been killed on the Palestinian side, and the army has acknowledged that at least 200 were civilian noncombatants. However, Palestinians and human rights groups place the number much higher. During the same period, 892 people have been killed on the Israeli side, most of them civilians targeted in Palestinian attacks". http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/354809.html

People and Politics / What suffering? The fabric of life is not torn   By Akiva Eldar     354460.html

Antisemitismo? le reazioni a un recente sondaggio dimostrano ancora una volta quanto il pregiudizio domini troppo spesso anche le menti di coloro che si suppone siano dotati degli strumenti per valutare criticamente i fatti ... ( e ci si chiede se si tratti allora solo di pregiudizio e di ignoranza o non anche di malafede).
E ancora una volta l'accusa infamante viene lanciata come un'anatema contro chi si permette di giudicare la politica di un governo (che - come ogni altro governo - non può essere ritenuto infallibile)
Ma l'identificazione dell'ebraismo con il governo di un stato (e in particolare con l'attuale governo) è totalmente illegittima. E le conseguenze di questo genere di identificazioni da parte di critica e da parte di chi si erge a difensore non possono che essere nefaste ...
Condivido le valutazioni espresse da Akiva Eldar, From refuge for Jews to danger for Jews, sil quatidiano israeliano    haaretz (vedi sotto)

    Benvenuto il sondaggio comunque ... (se anche rivelasse antisemitismo ... meglio saperlo piuttosto che fingere ... )

"Primo tra i paesi che rappresentano una minaccia per la pace è Israele, indicato dal 59% degli intervistati. Seguono al secondo posto, con il 54%, la Corea del Nord e l'Iran, al quarto posto l'Iraq, al quinto l' Afghanistan e al sesto gli Usa". NewsID=43005
"Gerusalemme, 3 novembre 2003. Reazioni incollerite che trovano ampio spazio sulla stampa israeliana hanno suscitato ieri le anticipazioni di stampa dei risultati di un sondaggio condotto per conto della Commissione Europea nei 15 stati dell' Ue nel quale, in risposta a una domanda, Israele è indicato dalla maggioranza dei circa 7.500 europei intervistati come lo stato più pericoloso per la pace nel mondo. Il 59% degli interpellati posti davanti a una lista di 15 stati, tra i quali l' Iran, la Corea del Nord e l' Afghanistan, hanno indicato Israele come lo stato a loro parere più pericoloso per la pace nel mondo". NewsID=43010
"Il sondaggio è scioccante, perché pubblicato da Paesi democratici e da un partner impegnato nella Roadmap. L'Europa dimostra di avere una visione negativa di Israele e questo è elemento di grande preoccupazione, perché ciò mette in pericolo anche gli ebrei in tutta Europa". Israel Singer, presidente del Congresso mondiale ebraico, ai microfoni di RAInews24 in Next non nasconde il rammarico, ma anche la rabbia per i risultati del sondaggio Ue che vede Israele avvertito come una minaccia per la pace dalla maggioranza dei cittadini europei". NewsID=43029#
Più equilibrata la valutazione di Prodi: "Il sondaggio evidenzia segnali che tutti insieme dobbiamo meditare a fondo per trovare le risposte più adeguate. "
 - Sondaggio Ue su Israele, Berlusconi è "sorpreso e indignato". http://www.repubblica.it/ !    (dopo le sue inqualificabili dichiarazioni su Mussolini il p.d.c. ritiene ancora di aver qualcosa da dire sull'argomento ...? [ma giustamente è stato  detto "l'antisemitismo non c'entra proprio niente. C'entra con alcune delle troppo precipitose e stereotipate reazioni" http://www.ilmanifesto.it/Quotidiano-archivio/04-Novembre-2003/art16.html] )

Decisamente più seria la valutazione del quotidiano israeliano haaretz
" ...  politicians who turn a local, national conflict into a global religious war bear a great deal of responsibility for the safety of Jews worldwide. But there are politicians in Israel whose comments intensify the local national conflict to the global-religious level, and they are responsible for the safety of Jews, as Jews, worldwide. Minister Sharansky himself recently wrote in this newspaper that the Temple Mount is more important than peace. Ministers Effi Eitam and Benny Elon don't make any attempt to hide their belief that we are in the territories because of a religious belief that the land of Israel belongs exclusively to the people of Israel.     When a government in Israel was finally serious about putting an end to the occupation, anti-Semitism waned, giving way in Europe - and even Islamic countries - to sympathy and support for the Jewish state.
It is much easier to claim the entire world is against us than to admit that the State of Israel, which rose as a refuge and source of pride for Jews, has not only turned into a place less Jewish and less safe for its citizens, but has become a genuine source of danger and a source of shameful embarrassment to Jews who choose to live outside its borders.Arguing it takes an anti-Semite to call the Israeli government's policies of 2003 a danger to world peace is a contemptible cheapening of the term anti-Semitism".[Akiva Eldar]

si veda anche 04-Novembre-2003/art7.html
"Non c'è ragione per la quale non si possa criticare la politica del governo d'Israele, che è uno stato come gli altri e per di più si pretende democratico dunque aperto alla critica; né di tacciare di antisemitismo chi dice che Sharon come Bush parla e straparla di guerra e la fa, e non soltanto una guerra di difesa, e occupa territori non suoi. E' un'accusa ricattatoria e alquanto mascalzonesca. C'era dunque qualcosa che non quadrava in tutta questa agitazione"
"  [...] Der Missbrauch von angeblichem Antisemitismus ist moralisch verabscheuungswürdig. Es waren Hunderte von Jahren nötig und Millionen von Opfer, um Antisemitismus – eine spezielle Form von Rassismus, die historisch zum Genozid führte – in ein Tabu zu wandeln. Menschen, die dieses Tabu missbrauchen, um Israels rassistische und genozidale Politik gegenüber den Palästinensern zu unterstützen, tun nichts anderes, als die Erinnerung an jene jüdischen Opfer zu schänden, deren Tod aus humanistischer Perspektive nur insofern Sinn hat, als er eine ewige Warnung an die Menschheit ist vor allerart von Diskriminierung, Rassismus und Genozid [...] "     Ran Ha Cohen, Tel Aviv Universität    http://www.semit.net/phpbb/mods/phpbb_fetch_all/examples/articles_de.php?topic=235&forum=18 dead link [una copia si trova qui  citazioni qui]

Un delirio di persecuzione ...? :     "As evidence of anti-Semitic sentiment mounts across Europe, Israelis have begun asking if foreign criticism of their government's policies has crossed a line of no return into virulent Jew-hate and serious debate over the very right of the Jewish state to continue to exist". [ Background: Does Israel have the right to exist? Do Jews? - As evidence of anti-Semitic sentiment mounts across Europe, Israelis have begun asking if foreign criticism of their government's policies has crossed a line of no return into virulent Jew-hate and serious debate over the very right of Israel to continue to exist. By Bradley Burston and Haaretz Correspondent Nov.12, 2003] haaretz-pages     Rinviamo all'articolo citato più sopra per una corretta valutazione haaretz  [From refuge for Jews to danger for Jews. The decision to open a broad front against outgoing Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad was not a conditioned reflex of politicians, but rather of professionals who rang the warning bells and proposed an all-out campaign against the relatively new anti-Semitic genie let loose in Asia. By Akiva Eldar]    Naturalmente il diffondersi di tali deliri è potenzialmente molto pericoloso - non meno di quello simmetrico dell'antisemtismo.

"JERUSALEM, Nov. 14 -- Four former chiefs of Israel's powerful domestic security service said in an interview published Friday that the government's actions and policies during the three-year-old Palestinian uprising have gravely damaged the country and its people. The four, who variously headed the Shin Bet security agency from 1980 to 2000 under governments that spanned the political spectrum, said that Israel must end its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, that the government should recognize that no peace agreement can be reached without the involvement of the Palestinian leader, Yasser Arafat, and that it must stop what one called the immoral treatment of Palestinians"   washingtonpost.com

"At the end of Sharon's third year in office, Israel's standing - here and abroad - has taken a turn for the worse. At various symposia, the question of whether its establishment was amistake has become a popular topic" [The captain has to go. Sharon did nothing to help Abu Mazen with an initiative that might have strengthened him vis-a-vis Arafat, thereby hastening his downfall. What he got instead was an administration that won't wiggle an eyebrow without Arafat's permission. By Yoel Marcus Nov.18, 2003] The captain has to go By Yoel Marcus

Roman Bronfman  "Fanning the flames of hatred"     http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/362258.html
    "Another day of Jewish victims somewhere in the world, and this time in a terrible attack on synagogues in Istanbul. The number of violent incidents worldwide against anything identified with the State of Israel and the Jewish people no longer leaves any doubt that this is a real wave" [...]
"The rhetoric of the perpetual victim is not a sufficient answer for the question of the timing."  [...]
"True, the roots of anti-Semitism are planted very deeply in the culture and history of Christian Europe. It is also reasonable to
assume that even the ideas of the liberals, who wanted to sever ties with traditional nationalism, will be unable to pull out these
roots. But if anti-Semitism was until now found exclusively in the extreme political fringes, Israel's continued policy of the cruel occupation will only encourage and fan the spread of anti-Semitic sentiments.
From this, I conclude that if Israel wants to be embraced by the family of nations as a full member, it must learn how to behave according to the accepted rules around the world - rules of ethics, fairness and justice"

Meron Benvenisti: Which kind of binational state?  [Which kind of binational state? Israel and the Palestinians are sinking together into the mud of the "one state." The question is no longer whether it will be binational, but which model to choose. By Meron Benvenisti Nov.20, 2003]   >>>

«Crimini di guerra di Sharon» Yossi Sarid (Meretz): «Raid con bombe probite».
    "Il governo di Silvio Berlusconi impone, anche all'Unione europea, il silenzio sugli aspetti più gravi e pericolosi della politica di occupazione dell'esecutivo guidato da Ariel Sharon. In Israele c'è qualcuno che crede, a differenza dei dirigenti governativi italiani, nel rispetto del diritto internazionale e non rimane in silenzio di fronte a crimini di guerra. Il leader del Meretz (sinistra sionista) Yossi Sarid, ha scoperto che l'aviazione israeliana ha usato, durante il sanguinoso raid di ottobre sul campo profughi palestinese di Nusseirat (Gaza) - i morti furono sette, decine i feriti - un missile in grado di causare danni gravi alle persone e alle cose nel raggio di centinaia di metri. Sarid ieri ha accusato il ministro della difesa Shaul Mofaz e il capo della aviazione Dan Halutz di aver nascosto l'utilizzo dell'arma segreta alla Commissione per gli affari esteri e la difesa della Knesset. Il parlamentare ha minacciato di organizzare una conferenza stampa per rivelare alla opinione pubblica le informazioni giunte in suo possesso"      http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art68.html    20 XI 03

L'infame strage di palestinesi  30 XI 2003  http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/366499.html
    The killing fields of Rafah   By Gideon Levy
"Quietly, far from the public eye, Israeli soldiers continue killing Palestinians. Hardly a day goes by without casualties, some innocent civilians, and the stories of their violent deaths never reach the Israeli consciousness or awareness. If there is one consistent piece of data in the current intifada, it is the number of Palestinian casualties: dozens a month, unceasingly. There were 30 in November, 57in October, 33 in September. In May and June, the number of casualties reached 60 a month (all data supplied by B'Tselem). While Palestinian
terror shocks us with its brutality, the daily killing of innocent Palestinians in far greater numbers is ignored - unless it is a case of an army operation as in Nusseirat refugee camp in October"

Il razzismo di Netanyahu
"Speakers at the Herzliya Conference on security issues returned Thursday to controversial comments made by Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the day before, in which he said that the Israeli Arab population posed a demographic threat to the country"
"Netanyahu's remarks also came under fire Wednesday, with left-wing Knesset members and a civil rights group offering up severely criticism. "Netanyahu's demographic bomb is a stink bomb and racism," MK Ahmed Tibi (Hadash) said. "The day is not far when Netanyahu and his flock will set up roadblocks at the entrance to Arab villages in order to tie Arab women's tubes and spray them with spermicide.""

l'Israele di Sharon: Credere obbedire e combattere «Colpevoli i 5 refusnik» La Corte d'Israele: «Con il loro no all'esercito, vogliono la fine dell'occupazione».
Il verdetto il 23    SVEVA HAERTTER     18- XII - 2003    http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art34.html

"Dopo la condanna di Yoni Ben-Artzi era chiaro a tutti che anche Noam Bahat, Matan Kaminer, Adam Maor, Haggai Matar e Shimri Tsameret sarebbero stati condannati. Ma quanto ha detto il giudice (che nelle ultime udienze era sembrato favorevolmente colpito dalla determinazione dei cinque ragazzi) nell'aula gremita del tribunale di Jaffa ha lasciato attoniti i presenti. Solo Reuven Kaminer, nonno di Matan, militante storico del movimento pacifista e del partito comunista, ha trovato la forza di urlare «Vergogna!» all'indirizzo della corte. Il giudice ha esordito affermando che la libertà di coscienza è un diritto fondamentale nella legislazione israeliana e non solo un privilegio accordato in base all'arbitrio dell'esercito, salvo poi sposare completamente la linea della pubblica accusa: l'esenzione può essere data solo a pacifisti perché sono pochi e fondamentalmente cercano di salvare la pelle".
«Riconosciamo che gli accusati sono moralmente ed ideologicamente contrari all'idea di far parte di un esercito che secondo le loro convinzioni commette azioni immorali. Ma il loro rifiuto non deriva solo da questo, anzi, forse in prima istanza deriva dal loro desiderio di cambiare l'opinione pubblica, di influenzare il comportamento di altri, causando infine modifiche nelle politiche del governo e quindi la fine dell'occupazione», ha detto il colonnello Levy, per poi proseguire con complicate argomentazioni tese a ribadire che la disobbedienza dei cinque è una minaccia intollerabile. «Tutti devono far parte dell'esercito e rischiare la vita per difendere il paese. Qui non esiste servizio civile alternativo, ma anche se esistesse, non sarebbe la giusta risposta a questi cinque. Uguaglianza non significa solo che tutti devono dare tre anni della propria vita, significa che tutti devono correre lo stesso rischio». Ma cosa rischiano le migliaia di ortodossi, esonerati dal servizio militare, che ricevono sussidi per gli studi religiosi?"

Bombe e bombette
"[...] Speaking two days before he was set to arrive in Israel, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Maher said, "I hope that other countries in the region... would follow such an example... get rid of and put an end to any nuclear weapons production program," Maher said.     Maher did not specifically name Israel, but said, "You know, of course, who I mean."    Israel is the only country in the Middle East believed to possess nuclear weapons, but refuses to confirm or deny the claim.     Asked if the international community should start looking at Israel's nuclear capabilities, Maher said: "I said that the steps which Libya took should be a model to follow. This is clear. I won't add anything."    Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa said the Libyan move "emphasizes the need for Israel to comply with all the regulations that prohibit the proliferation of weapons."    "There should be no exceptions that would allow Israel" to have such weapons, Moussa added [...] ".
    20 _XII_2003    http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/373979.html

Razzismo ...?
    "[...] Presenting the Arabs in Israel as a threat to democracy, as if democracy is an exclusively Jewish matter, is serious in itself. But Netanyahu errs and misleads by ignoring the reality in which the Arabs in Israel are living. Despite festive promises and detailed five-year plans put forward by every government, the Arab public is still suffering ongoing discrimination - inadequate physical infrastructure; building restrictions that create distress among young families; and, primarily, almost total barring from the various ranks in the administration that stops the young, talented and educated from becoming a part of the establishment and having an influence from within on the lives of Israeli citizens, and on the future of the Arab citizens in particular".
[...]            Netanyahu's statements are discordant particularly on the backdrop of the figures that were released yesterday by the Shin Bet security service, at the request of Haaretz, and that show there has been a 45 percent drop in the number of Israeli Arabs involved in terror, and also on the backdrop of the hope-inspiring cooperation between the mayors of Nazareth and Upper Nazareth following a long period of alienation. The timing of Netanyahu's statements is also puzzling. Now, with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon speaking of essential concessions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, he chooses to divert the subject of the discussion toward the Arabs in Israel, and to fan, as was his way during his term as prime minister, the flames of fear and hatred. The State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, and the home of the its Arab citizens. Its Jewish identity will not be consolidated in fear, but only in an atmosphere of peace and liberty, out of integration into the regional expanse and prosperity for all its residents - the Jews and the Arabs  [...]".
    20 _XII_2003    http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/373747.html

I piani di Ariel Sharon 24 _XII_2003    http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art97.html

4 -1  - 2004    Il muro infame :    "Lapid: Israel could face world boycott over fence
Justice Minister Yosef Lapid warned the cabinet on Sunday that the upcoming discussion by the International Court of Justice at The Hague on the construction of the separation fence between Israel and the West Bank could be the first step in Israel being treated like a modern-day apartheid-era South Africa. He warned that Israel could be liable to international boycotts similar to those placed on South Africa during its apartheid regime.
The justice minister said that Israel had brought this on itself for not sticking to the original route of the fence in the West Bank, along the Green Line, thus turning the matter into an international dispute. He advised the cabinet to hold another discussion on the route "which will give us a degree of flexibility in international forums."" http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/379288.html
    Vedere anche l'interessante articolo di Zvi Bar'el,  Annexing Israel to the settlements   /hasen/spages/379047.html

8 XI 2003 - "STOCKHOLM - In her first extensive comments on the Mideast conflict since assuming her post as Swedish foreign minister, Laila Freivalds on Saturday called on Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories and said the building of an Israeli security barrier violated international law".    haaretz fence

" ... The false and monstrous equation of practical criticism of Ariel Sharon's policies with anti-Semitism is designed to silence voices critical of those policies ... " Monday, September 30, 2002  http://hnn.us/articles/1002.html       The Misuses of Anti-Semitism By Juan Cole [Mr. Cole is professor of Middle Eastern and South Asian History at the University of Michigan and author of Sacred Space and Holy War (I.B. Tauris, 2002). His website is: www.juancole.com ]

Associazione SCIENZIATE E SCIENZIATI RESPONSABILI >>>>>http://www.bo.cnr.it/www-sciresp/

SCI-RESP PER LA PACE IN MEDIO ORIENTE http://www.bo.cnr.it/www-sciresp/GdL/Pace_Medio_Oriente/ dead link
"[...] SCI-RESP, considerata la violazione dei diritti umani [Amnesty Intarnational 2002] durante la violenta repressione militare verso il popolo palestinese nei Territori Occupati, ha resa pubblica in Aprile 2002 una breve dichiarazione [Appello SCI-RESP] in cui si chiede, al Consiglio e alla Comissione Europea, di far osservare l'art.2 dell'Accordo euromediterraneo di associazione UE-Israele, i.e. di sospendere l'accordo stesso [...]"
REFUSENIKIL CORAGGIO DEL RIFIUTO http://www.bo.cnr.it/www-sciresp/GdL/Pace_Medio_Oriente/REFUSENIK/index.html      [ dead link 2004]
MATERIALE INCONTRO "REFUSENIK, IL CORAGGIO DEL RIFIUTO" 4 Dicembre 2002   [ http://www.bo.cnr.it/www-sciresp/archivio/docs/Refusenik_04_12_02/index.html dead linkI - 2004]

    "Yesh Gvul (“There is a limit !”) is an Israeli peace group campaigning against the occupation by backing soldiers who refuse duties of a repressive or aggressive nature. The brutal role of the Israeli army in subjugating the Palestinian population places numerous servicemen in a grave moral and political dilemma, as they are required to enforce policies they deem illegal, immoral and ultimately harmful to Israeli interests. The army hierarchy demands compliance, but many soldiers, whether conscripts or reservists, find that they cannot in good conscience obey the orders of their superiors"

"Some 400 American and European rabbis have signed a letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon protesting against Israel's house demolition policies in East Jerusalem and the territories - The letter was sparked by the trial of Rabbi Arik Ascherman, director of Rabbis for Human Rights, who has been active in the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions. He was charged with interfering with a police officer when Ascherman tried to prevent the demolition of two homes in East Jerusalem ...." http://www.haaretz.com/print-edition/news/u-s-rabbis-protest-to-pm-against-demolitions-1.111192 

"Ambasciatore rompe opera d'arte [di un artista israeliano] e riceve l'elogio di Sharon".  [18 -  I - 2004]
L'artista Dror Feiler, israeliano trapiantato in Svezia, ha definito Mazel "un nano intellettuale",  probabibilmente la qualifica può essere associata a chi ne condivide il gesto ...
    Il gesto di Mazel (l'ambasciatore) e la sua approvazione da poarte di Sharon  ricorda celebri roghi ...di libri e non solo ...

"Book burning is the practice of ceremoniously destroying by fire one or more copies of a book or other written material. In modern times other forms of media, such as records, CDs and video tapes, have also been ceremoniously burned. The practice, often carried out publicly, is usually motivated by moral, political or religious objections to the material. "Burning books and killing scholars" in 212 BC is counted as the greatest crime of Qin Shi Huang Di of China. The writer Heinrich Heine famously said in 1821 "Where they burn books, they will end in burning human beings." (Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen). Just over a century later the Nazism s did exactly as Heine had forecast. The Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451 is about a fictional future society that has institutionalized book burning. Incidents of book burnings have included: [...]" book_burning    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_burning  

"In un'intervista al manifesto Dror Feiler, che fa parte del movimento degli «Ebrei europei per una pace giusta», difende la sua opera, dichiarando che «il suo significato è stato completamente travisato». L'artista attacca poi duramente il diplomatico e la politica generale del governo israeliano. «Sharon vuole mettere a tacere ogni voce critica; l'Unione europea dovrebbe sospendere il trattato di associazione con Israele»" http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art11.html 18-1-2004  -    http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art70.html 18 1 2004     "Il governo sta cercando di mettere una museruola alla libera espressione. L'azione di Sharon va avanti su tutti i fronti e l'operato dell'ambasciatore si inserisce in quest'operazione. Il rappresentante di un paese che si definisce «l'unica democrazia del Medioriente» non può comportarsi in questo modo"    [ Purtroppo in Italia assistiamo a simili fenomeni di censura].
"Ultimamente in Europa si è diffuso un allarme sulla recrudescenza di sentimenti antisemiti. Crede che il pericolo sia reale?
Non vedo questo pericolo in Europa. Mi pare molto più diffuso il razzismo nei confronti dei neri, degli arabi o dei musulmani. Sharon sta cercando di strumentalizzare l'antisemitismo per mettere a tacere ogni critica nei confronti della sua politica. Credo peraltro che il governo israeliano, nel momento in cui si arroga a rappresentante di tutti gli ebrei del mondo, non fa altro che alimentare possibile antisemitismo".

I bambini palestinesi: Strumentalizzazione dei Media:  non solo quei pochi che portano le bombe ... ma anche le centinaia di bimbi uccisi nelle operazioni di "pulizia" israeliane:
"Suddenly, Israelis are worried about the bitter fate of a Palestinian child. To judge by the public shock over Hussam Bilal Abdu, who was caught wearing an explosives belt at the Hawara checkpoint, it would seem that nothing of a humane nature is foreign to us, even when it pertains to an enemy and his children. But this is an infuriating show of concern. The fate of a Palestinian child only touches us when it suits us, when it serves our purposes and when our hands are not involved. The hundreds of children who have been killed, the thousands who have been crippled, and the hundreds of thousands who live under conditions of siege and poverty, and are exposed every day to violence and humiliation - all this has failed to move the Israeli public. Just the child with the belt. ....." "A sudden concern for the Palestinian child", ottimo articolo di Gideon Levy  in http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/409293.html29 - 3 - 2003

Utile anche la lettura dell'articolo     "One more assassination, one more gimmick"    di  Uzi Benziman
    con una valutazione politica di più ampio respiro dell'assassinio di Ahmed Yassin
"Liquidating Sheikh Yassin has the potential of going down in the history of the conflict with implications like those of the Deir Yassin massacre in the War of Independence. The occupation of Deir Yassin in Jerusalem in April 1948 haunts the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to this day. In the Palestinian and Arab discourse, it is seen as a manifestation of Israeli atrocities. The village was conquered by Etzel and Lehi (pre-state underground militias) in an operation that resulted in scores of dead civilians. The massacre provided the legitimacy for brutal retaliations. In the Israeli discourse it was seen as a controversial move but also as the operation that accelerated the flight of Israel's Arabs, to the state's benefit.In retrospect, the symbol of the Deir Yassin massacre clouds the relations between the two nations to this day, and what seems like an isolated achievement at the time frequently becomes a toxic residue whose drops can prevent reconciliation for a long time to come. ...."    29 - 3 - 2003

Uno studioso israeliano ha definito l'assassino di Ahmed Yassin un Genocidio simbolico.
Ecco un estratto dell'intervista  sul  quotidiano Haarez

"[...] Admittedly the quote is distorted. But what is "symbolic genocide" supposed to mean?
"It means the systematic elimination of all the Palestinian national symbols, whether it's Yassin, the Palestinian Authority, the police, sovereignty. We're not annihilating the Palestinian people, but we're definitely trying to politically annihilate Palestinian nationalism. A few academics, myself included, have been trying for some years now to find the right terminology to define the current process, which began after the September 11 terror attacks. After the Yassin assassination, when I heard the chief of general staff announcing that now Arafat knows that the same fate is nearing for him, I felt I had to write something that would set off a red light before they killed Arafat, too. The French philosopher Pierre Bourdieu wrote about the symbolic violence of the strong, which uses tools like ignoring, humiliation and silencing. The way a boss might treat his employee, for example. Someone who doesn't possess that symbolic power responds with physical violence, because that's all he has. Basically, I borrowed Bourdieu's term. And, by the way, what they've been doing to me in the past few weeks is also symbolic violence.[...]"    Wed., May 05, 2004 Iyar 14, 5764  http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/424123.html

Agenti di Israele in Nuova Zelanda :  Progetti di nuovi assassinii in giro per il mondo ?
    (a proposito di Terrorismo ...!)
Last Update: 17/04/2004 19:45     Diplomat sent to New Zealand to deal with Israeli arrests
"Israel's embassy in Australia in recent days dispatched a diplomat to New Zealand to deal with the arrests of two Israelis for allegedly trying to obtain a false New Zealand passport.  ... In 1997, Mossad agents were caught using Canadian passports during a failed assassination attempt on an Islamic official in Jordan, and in 2000, a Mossad operative was given a suspended sentence after being accused of espionage and repeated use of false identity documents in Switzerland, the paper said." http://www.haaretz.com/

"Government demands Israel return any bogus passports 19.04.2004
HERALD INVESTIGATION - The Government called in an Israeli diplomat over suspected Mossad spies arrested in New Zealand and demanded the Israeli Government return any bogus New Zealand passports it might have.     In a rare intervention, Acting Foreign Affairs Minister Jim Sutton summoned the Canberra-based Acting Israeli Ambassador Orna Sagiv a week ago over the case in which two Israeli men were arrested in Auckland after allegedly trying to obtain a false New Zealand passport.
[...] "Two people had been arrested with New Zealand passports," said Mr Sutton. "It appeared they were representatives of the Israeli Government     ...     "We wanted a full explanation of what was going on and an assurance that if there was any New Zealand passports that had been wrongly made out or wrongly provided or improperly applied for and provided, we wanted all of those returned." Mr Sutton said the Israeli diplomat did not deny the Government's suspicion that the men were Mossad spies "but didn't confirm it either" ...  " http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay.cfm?storyID=3561306&thesection=news&thesubsection=general&reportid=1162641  http://www.nzherald.co.nz/

E Intanto continuano gli assassinii in Palestina:      L'assassinio di    ABDEL Aziz Rantisi    http://www.repubblica.it     "Questo è terrore di Stato deve intervenire l'Onu"    http://www.repubblica.it/

Gerusalemme, 22:40 18 - 4- 2004  "Un palestinese di 24 anni è stato ucciso da una pallottola al petto e un altro palestinese è stato ferito oggi da soldati israeliani durante una manifestazione di protesta contro il muro di separazione a Biddo, un villaggio palestinese a nordovest di Gerusalemme. Il ferito è ricoverato all'ospedale di Ramallah".    /ultimora/  http://www.repubblica.it/news/ired/ultimora/rep_nazionale_n_672007.html

Last Update: 19/04/2004 00:31  Katsav warns of rising anti-Semitism in Europe
Come sempre bisogna stare attenti a non confondere la critica anche dura - che condivido pienamente - verso l'attuale politica di Israele - critica non solo legittima ma anche doverosa - con l'antisemitismo.
Non mi stancherò di ripetere che l'identificazione dell'ebraismo con una classe dirigente incapace e forse anche corrotta ( Sharon è sotto inchiesta - Curiosa somiglianza con il nostro [immeritato] p.d.c. ) e con le sue scelte politiche dissennate  è un errore gravissimo - Fortunatamente Non è la posizione di tutto Israele né di tutti gli Ebrei - Purtroppo qualcuno- anche tra i nostri politici - magari erede di perniciose poltiche passate - vorrebbe farcelo credere ...

Vedere anche  il supplemento di Pesach di Haaretz  Apr.04, 2004  "The state of the Jews: new anti-Semitism? Jews across the world today feel that an ugly wave of hatred has risen against them: A group of Jewish boys was beaten up in Brussels, a synagogue in Marseilles was torched, and campuses in the U.S. are witness to numerous altercations between Jewish and Arab students and their supporters. Haaretz writers try to investigate what exactly this "new anti-Semitism" is. haaretz._pages

Appello di ebrei europei: Fermare Sharon
"Il Comitato esecutivo della rete Ebrei europei per una pace giusta (Ejjp, 18 organizzazioni presenti in 9 paesi d'Europa) ha diffuso un comunicato in cui si legge: «Apprendiamo con sgomento dell'assassinio del leader di Hamas Rantisi, successivo all'approvazione dei piani di Sharon da parte di Bush, che ha dato il via libera ad Israele per azioni sempre più irresponsabili, unilaterali, in flagrante violazione della legalità internazionale. La politica degli assassinii extragiudiziali della leadership palestinese - che vede chiaramente anche Arafat nella linea di fuoco - è la riprova che il governo israeliano non intende arrivare auna pace negoziata.Sembra ora esserci un tentativo mirato a distruggere i palestinesi come popolo. (...) Questa azione potrà solo aumentare la disperazione diffusa tra i palestinesi ed incoraggiare coloro che sognano forme suicide di vendetta. Aderiamo alla condanna espressa dal gruppo pacifista israeliano Gush Shalom, che l'ha definito "un ulteriore atto di letale provocazione".(...)"   http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art28.html 20 - 04 - 04

Gerusalemme, 21 aprile 2004
"Dopo 18 anni di carcere per avere rivelato i segreti dei programmi nucleari militari di Israele, il tecnico Mordechai Vanunu è stato liberato questa mattina dal carcere di Ashkelon. "Sono orgoglioso di ciò che ho fatto" ha affermato Vanunu in una dichiarazione letta ai giornalisti, aggiungendo che Israele "non ha bisogno dell'arma nucleare". Vanunu, che ha detto di "non avere più segreti" da rivelare, ha anche lanciato un appello al mondo e al governo israeliano perchè la centrale nucleare israeliana di Dimona sia aperta alle ispezioni internazionali. Si è rivolto alla stampa in inglese e si è rifiutato di rispondere alle domande in ebraico: ha sostenuto fra l'altro di essere stato costretto a passare 18 anni in prigione unicamente perchè si era convertito al cristianesimo e ha aggiunto di essere contrario all'idea di Israele come uno Stato ebraico  ... ".     rainews24

"Mordechai Vanunu fu processato in segreto e condannato per spionaggio. Per 11 anni venne detenuto in totale isolamento. Non si è mai pentito. "Non sono una spia e non sono un traditore...volevo dire al mondo quello che stava succedendo", ha affermato recentemente. Anzi Vanunu è ancora convinto che Israele stia sbagliando. "Malgrado tutto quello che è stato pubblicato niente è cambiato", ha commentato. E riferendosi al reattore iracheno bombardato dagli israeliani nel 1981 ha aggiunto che "come è stato distrutto il reattore nucleare iracheno, voglio sia distrutto quello israeliano". E ha invocato l'apertura dell'impianto di Dimona alle ispezioni internazionali ci il governo israeliano si è sempre rifiutato. Poi ha ricordato di aver subito in carcere "un trattamento barbarico e crudele"".

ARMI di Distruzione di Massa
"Israele è ... riuscito a costruire un arsenale valutato in circa 400 armi nucleari con una potenza complessiva di 50 megaton, equivalente a 3.850 bombe di Hiroshima. Come vettori nucleari, le forze israeliane usano una parte degli oltre 300 caccia F-16 e F-15 potenziati, forniti dagli Usa, armati anche di missili israelo-statunitensi Popeye a testata nucleare. Un'altra versione, il Popeye Turbo, è installata su tre sottomarini Dolphin, forniti dalla Germania. Si aggiungono a questi vettori nucleari circa 50 missili balistici Jericho II, su rampe di lancio mobili, e i razzi Shavit utilizzabili anche come missili balistici a lunga gittata. Nonostante le ripetute risoluzioni con cui l'Assemblea generale delle Nazioni unite ha ribadito «la sua condanna del rifiuto di Israele di rinunciare al possesso delle armi nucleari» e ha chiesto al Consiglio di sicurezza di «prendere urgenti misure perché Israele si adegui alla risoluzione 487 del Consiglio stesso, in cui si chiede che esso ponga i suoi impianti nucleari sotto la giurisdizione della Iaea» (Risoluzione 44/121 del 15 dicembre 1989), la sempre più pericolosa e destabilizzante presenza dell'arsenale nucleare israeliano (l'unico in Medio Oriente) continua a essere ignorata dai governi delle «grandi democrazie occidentali»".  http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art40.html  21 -04 - 04

"Il sostegno «ostinato» del presidente George W. Bush alla politica israeliana sta mettendo a dura prova la credibilità e il prestigio degli Stati uniti nel mondo. È con queste parole di fuoco che si apre la lettera che una cinquantina di ex diplomatici in pensione hanno inviato ieri alla Casa bianca, di cui la Bbc on-line ha pubblicato ampi stralci. La missiva - giunta a pochi giorni di distanza da un'analoga iniziativa di 52 ex diplomatici britannici nei confronti del premier inglese Tony Blair - costituisce un'ulteriore bordata contro la politica estera del presidente americano, il cui indice di gradimento appare in continuo calo".    http://www.ilmanifesto.it/oggi/art61.html  5 - 04

    Ultimo numero     a journal of modern society & culture winter 2004    volume three - issue one
(The Truth About Palestine Contents: Stephen Eric Bronner: States of Despair - Lawrence Davidson: Orwell and Kafka in Israel-Palestine - Ernest Goldberger: The Power of Myth in Israeli Society - Judith Butler: Jews and the Bi-National State -
Mustapha Barghouti: A Place for Our Dream? - Moshe Zuckermann: The Building of a Wall - Menachem Klein: The Logic of the Geneva Accord - George Lichtheim: A View of Israel from Paris - Bruce Robbins: Solidarity and Worldliness: For Edward Said
Adnan Musallam: The Thorny Road to Peace - Interview with Ilan Pappe - Debate: Benny Morris & Baruch Kimmerling
Photography by Horit Peled - Israeli and Palestinian Poets - Reviews by Sabby Sagal and Carl Boggs)

Faculty For Israeli-Palestinian Peace  http://www.ffipp.org/          Applied Research Institute  Jerusalem   http://www.arij.org/

2002  L'invasione israeliana 2002 - Lo smarrimento della ragione.

    Rafah, bimba di tre anni uccisa dai soldati  (22 maggio 2004) "La piccola si chiamava Rawan Abu Zaid, è stata colpita alla testa da due proiettili mentre usciva da un magazzino vicino alla sua casa nel sobborgo di Brazil, l'area più desolata di Rafah, a ridosso del confine con l'Egitto, ove si stende il campo profughi nei giorni scorsi teatro di sanguinosi scontri in cui sono morte 43 persone, tra le quali diversi bambini"

    LUGLIO - 2006: ""Un nuovo Olocausto", "Con la nuova strage, gli israeliani hanno ripetuto in maniera sistematica gli stessi crimini di cui accusano i nazisti": con queste parole molti giornali arabi del Golfo commentano oggi la strage di ieri a Cana deplorando "il sostegno degli Stati Uniti" a Israele" 31luglio   07_Luglio

"Un crimine di guerra ed una violazione del diritto umanitario e dei diritti umani: così l'inviato speciale delle Nazioni Unite nei territori palestinesi occupati, John Dugard, nel definire l'attacco. Questi atti costituiscono crimini di guerra", ha detto Dugard, professore sud-africano di diritto - "e costituiscono inoltre una punizione collettiva, che viola tanto il diritto umanitario quanto il diritto internazionale sui diritti umani". Secondo Dugard, il Consiglio di Sicurezza dell'ONU dovrà discutere l'imposizione del blocco delle forniture di armi a Israele, esattamente come fu imposto nel 1977 contro il Sud Africa per colpirne il regime di segregazione razziale".    http://www.repubblica.it/2004/d/sezioni/esteri/moriente8/rafarea/rafarea.html

Gli israeliani (naturalmente si intende il governo israeliano) sono nazisti? alla domanda qualcuno risponde  di no: 

Non c'è nessuna differenza fra le azioni dell'esercito israeliano e quelle dei terroristi. E' quanto dichiara il primo ministro turco: "Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday criticized Israel's Rafah operation, saying that although Turkey also suffered from terrorism and was fighting it, he did not see a difference between what terrorists were doing and Israel's demolition of homes and the damage it was bringing to civilians ...".
http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/431877.html    25 - 5- 2004

"Fanaticism consists in redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim."    Doron Rosenblum: Lexicon of frustration and folly  http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/429589.html

Last Update: 26/05/2004 14:28     Amnesty: 100 Palestinian children killed by IDF in 2003  By Haaretz Service
 "Amnesty International's newly-released annual report charged Wednesday that the Israel Defense Forces killed some 600 Palestinians, including more than 100 children, between January and December 2003. According to the report, most of those who died were killed unlawfully, in "reckless shooting, shelling and bombing in civilian residential areas, in extra-judicial executions and through excessive use of force." ... "The report goes onto criticize the deaths of around 200 Israelis, at least 130 of them civilians and including 21 children, who were killed in suicide bombings and other "deliberate attacks" by Palestinian militants."

The Zionist Attack on Jewish Values    by    Lawrence Davidson    http://www.logosjournal.com/[20 -VI - 2004]

"[...] The continuing disagreement as to what constitutes the real values of the community has, in effect, split Judaism into majority and minority parties. The majority element, which controls the religion’s institutional manifestations, openly identifies itself and its ethics with the expansionist, brutalizing policies of the Israeli tribal state. They have given themselves and their religion over to the Zionist dream of a Jewish state. What they have inherited, however, is the very worst aspects of nationalism that comes when nationhood is pursued not in a pluralistic spirit, but in a tribal one: chauvinism, aggressiveness, and xenophobia. As a result there has been a militarization of the Jewish mind, the Passover ritual and other Jewish celebrations have been turned into paeans of nationalism, imperialism and colonialism, and Zionist nationalists have invented (as a vicarious act of fratricide) the category of “self-hating Jew” for those who share their religion but not their politics.
And what of those other, hopefully more authentic Jewish ideals, the humanitarian ones? They have gone over to a small minority of the Jewish people who seek to promote them as a curative to the values that underlie the aggressive and colonialist policies that now characterize Zionist-Israeli behavior. It is worth noting that this minority appears to be growing. Jewish activists, both within Israel and the diaspora, now organize and support boycotts, divestment campaigns, and demonstrations that spotlight the aggressive and oppressive policies of the Zionist state. These people are Judaism’s best hope for the future. They are also Israel’s best hope, in that the interpretation of Jewish values they preserve may help to eventually de-tribalize, and civilize that country. Civilitas successit barbarum–with struggle civilization can succeed barbarism. [...]"

Lo Scandaloso Muro   http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/448224.html

             Let's dismantle the fence   By Yoel Esteron
" ... Anyone who wants to live without terror, to live in peace, has to oppose the fence. Not when peace, or the messiah, comes. Now. Anyone who supports the fence, or remains silent, cannot console himself that he is supporting a route that is reasonable. Anyone who doesn't oppose the fence is in effect accepting Sharon's fence.
The result will be more and more terror that circumvents the fence; the longer the occupation continues, the more horrible the terror. The fence will not stop it for long, it will only make it more sophisticated and more terrible. Here is an urgent proposal to the agenda for Israelis from the center and leftward: Let's dismantle the fence  ... "

Giudizio della Corte internazionale di giustizia dell'Aja:            9 -7- 2004
il muro "costituisce una violazione da parte di Israele di diverse obblighi relativi alla legge umanitaria internazionale ed agli strumenti dei diritti umani" è  "contrario al diritto internazionale".

Court urges Security Council to consider action to stop fence     ...
   haaretz.com/hasen/spages/449395.html      High Court ruling on the separation fence (30/06/04)  haaretz.com/         For full ruling    http://www.haaretz.com/hasite/images/iht_daily/D010704/hcfen0604.rtf


«Io non emigrerò in Israele»   Lettera di un ebreo francese. Che denuncia la collusione sionismo-antisemitismo  http://www.ilmanifesto.it/Quotidiano-archivio/23-Luglio-2004/art33.html http://www.lastampa.it/forum/Forum3.asp?chiuso=True&pg=347&IDmessaggio=19313&IDforum=275
 "... Io non emigrerò mai: mi rifiuto di beneficiare della cosiddetta «legge del ritorno» in un paese che non è mai stato il mio, un paese i cui governi violano il diritto internazionale, erigendo un muro illegale, colonizzando illegalmente i territori occupati in Cisgiordania e a Gaza, distruggendo oliveti, aranceti, case, uccidendo uomini, donne, bambini. Sono i palestinesi cacciati nel 1948, nel 1967 e oggi che hanno diritto al ritorno nella loro patria ..."  [Lettera di un ebreo francese al premier israeliano Jean Claude Meyer]

"Amos Luzzatto, il presidente dell'Unione delle comunità ebraiche italiane, prende le distanze dall'appello perentorio del premier israeliano Ariel Sharon agli ebrei francesi..."  http://www.spazioforum.net/forum/topic/19895-amos-luzzato-non-tutto-e-condivisibile/     - http://www.ilmanifesto.it/Quotidiano-archivio/23-Luglio-2004/art35.html

        Loschi traffici ... e ci si mette in mezzo anche l'italia ...
        "Mercenari israeliani in business class    IL GOVERNO ITALIANO ha aiutato 32 «consiglieri» israeliani (impegnati nella guerra contro la Francia di Laurent Gbagbo?) a fuggire in fretta dalla Costa d'Avorio. Su richiesta dell'ambasciata d'Israele a Roma"  http://www.ilmanifesto.it/Quotidiano-archivio/24-Novembre-2004/pagina06.htm http://www.fisicamente.net/ISR_PAL/index-609.htm

        "Israele e il fiorente mercato africano delle armi"

        Sporca politica

    "Qalandiyah in the rain. The young soldiers at Qalandiyah who permit or forbid passage with the wave of a hand are tools serving a policy of annexation and dissection, wrapped in the guise of security" Amira Hass Nov.24, 2004

        ""We are acting according to the law," the soldiers standing at the breach responded. One spoke in a native Israeli accent, another in Russian-accented Hebrew. "What law are you talking about?" a young man from Nablus asked in anger, in excellent Hebrew. 
One could have responded by saying that "law" is not necessarily synonymous with justice and decency, and that the military order the soldiers are acting upon in Qalandiyah serves a political goal that is becoming clearer everyday, with the paving of new roads and the building of additional homes in the neighboring settlements: the annexation of all of the territory between Givat Ze'ev and Betunia, west of Ramallah, and Ma'alei Adumim and its satellites to the east. The young soldiers at Qalandiyah who permit or forbid passage with the wave of a hand are tools serving a policy of annexation and dissection, wrapped in the guise of security".


Palestine-Net http://www.palestine-net.com/   is an independent private effort to gather and organize as much as possible information about Palestine:  Land, people, history, politics, economy, education, culture, travel and tourism. [dead]
Palestine: Destroyed Villages (1948) "Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I don't blame you because geography books no longer exist, not only do the boooks not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushu'a in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population." [ Moshe Dayan, in Haifa, quoted by Ha'aretz, April, 4 1969. Reproduced by Ed Walid Khalidi in the book "All That Remains" ] Palestine: Destroyed Villages (1948) http://www.palestine-net.com/geography/cleansed/ [dead]


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