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Palestina - Israele

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    Palestinian National Authority http://www.palestinecabinet.gov.ps/site/1/default.aspx   -   -    http://www.worldstatesmen.org/Palestinian_National_Authority.htm

    EDGAR MORIN. Israël-Palestine : Le double regard    (Una posizione che condivido ampiamente)


(United Nations - http://www.un.org/wcm/content/engineName/search/site/undpa/main -   Question of Palestine http://www.un.org/Depts/dpa/qpal/index.html dead link)
Question of Palestine :
http://unispal.un.org/unispal.nsf/his.htm - http://www.un.org/en/ga/62/plenary/palestine/docs.shtml - http://search.un.org/search?q=+palestine&btnG=Search+UN+Website&output=xml_no_dtd&client=UN_Website_English&num=10&lr=lang_en&proxystylesheet=UN_Website_en&oe=UTF-8&ie=UTF-8&Submit=Go&ulang=it&sort=date%3AD%3AL%3Ad1&entqrm=0&ud=1&exclude_apps=1&site=un_org - - 
Palestine History Index - Virtual Library    http://vlib.iue.it/hist-palestine/ 

    Birzeit University

Birzeit University is an independent Palestinian institution, situated 20 km north of Jerusalem, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Palestine. Founded as a school in 1924,
Birzeit began its university programme in 1972 and is currently introducing a masters degree programme. (Complete Guide to Palestine's Websites - http://www.birzeit.edu/links/index.html - dead)

    Centro Culturale Khalil Sakakini (KSCC)   Your Window to the Arts & Culture of Palestine

The Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre Foundation is a non- governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture in Palestine. The Sakakini Centre was founded in 1996, and is located in Ramallah in a restored traditional mansion. The Sakakini works in three areas: The visual arts, Palestinian identity & narrative, and holding regular public activities such as: Art exhibits, concerts, literary events, film screenings, children's activities, & lectures

( Palestinian National Authority  http://www.pna.gov.ps/ Dead ) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinian_National_Authority

    Israel Government Gateway

Studies in Religion / Sciences Religieuses    29: 4, 2000 
Marguerite T. Abdul-Masih, The challenge of present-day Palestine to contemporary theology
     Marguerite T. Abdul-Masih teaches in the Department of Religious Studies, Saint Mary's University, Halifax

ConvegnoEducazione, formazione e cooperazione: scambi e progetti con la Palestina Torino, 30 settembre - 1 ottobre 1999  documenti
Documenti: Parliamo di Palestina. Parliamo con la Palestina?    cartina   links 

Parliamo di Palestina. Parliamo con la Palestina?
La dimensione locale e l'associazionismo: elementi chiave della cooperazione di Rinaldo Bontempi - Città e comunità locali: i veri attori della cooperazione internazionale di Valentino Castellani
Il gemellaggio di solidarietà: Torino, Gaza, Haifa di Carlo Baffert - Un saluto da Gaza di Awni Shawwa
La nuova legge sulla cooperazione e il ruolo delle comunità locali di Flavio Lotti - Un passo concreto: l'insegnamento dell'arabo presso la facoltà di lingue e letterature straniere di Paolo Bertinetti
Una rete di energie diverse intorno a un obiettivo comune: contribuire alla pace in Medio Oriente di Tom Benettollo - Educazione e formazione come basi portanti dello sviluppo di un paese di Guglielmo Festa
Educazione, formazione e democrazia in Palestina
Cultura e istruzione fra i giovani palestinesi: una realtà complessa di Ada Lonni  - The educational context of Palestine by Ismail Njoum (file PDF - 1100 Kb)
Democrazia ed educazione in Palestina; teoria e pratica di Ismail Njoum - Education, training and democracy by Asia Habbash (file PDF - 107 Kb)
The role of the PCMD in supporting educational institutions in Jerusalem by Buthaina Shabani (file PDF - 429 Kb) - La generazione perduta dell'Intifada by Mohammed Jadallah
Major problems related to women in development by Rana Farouk Al-Farra (file PDF - 990 Kb) 

Palestina. Delegación Especial en México


El Comité de ONG sobre la Cuestión Palestina
        es una Federación de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales del Estado Español que trabajan a favor del pueblo palestino.

Conflits contemporains : Moyen-Orient (http://www.cfcsc.dnd.ca/links/wars/midf.html dead )
        Centre d'information spécialisée, Collège des Forces canadiennes

Maps of the West Bank and Gaza
        The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection The University of Texas at Austin

        Maps in the News

Welcome to Palestine! (http://www.palestine-net.com/ dead - http://www.palestine-net.com/geography/gifs/cleansed.gif  dead

Palestine Maps  [VIII - 2012]    Cartes du Proche-Orient

Palestine-Net - http://www.palestine-net.com/    dead  is an independent private effort to gather and organize as much as possible information about Palestine:  Land, people, history, politics, economy, education, culture,

http://www.israel-palestine.com/articlespresse.htm dead

CONFERENCE INTERNATIONALE "PALESTINE ENTRE SIONISME ET ISRAELISME" 14 - 15 MAI 1998, GENEVE  http://web629.petrel.ch/index.html - dead
("PALESTINE BETWEEN ZIONISM AND ISRAELISM") http://web629.petrel.ch/Anglais.htm - dead
Vedi http://www.maroc-hebdo.press.ma/Site-Maroc-hebdo/archive/Archives_316/html_316/seminairelapalestine.html

Government, Religion and Hate Entwined in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict, By Kestley Albaugh http://www.scrippscol.edu/%7Ehome/nrachlin/www/Hate/Article%202.html  dead

"Communities of Hate:  This course will examine broadly how aberrations of   collective identity can lead to hate. Issues and questions   that we consider are: How are identities formed (e.g.  individual, collective)? How are communities imagined?   Are race ethnicity, and gender purely ideological notions?  What is the symbolic process by which groups or societies   create the "Other"? What are the underlying psychological principles of hate? Specific examples (the   Holocaust, the war in Bosnia, and the politics of hate in the United States ) will be used as case studies to explore". (http://www.scrippscol.edu/%7Ehome/nrachlin/www/Hate/ dead)
        Palestine(religion-online.org  Full texts by recognized religious scholar):
                   i seguenti contributi possono essere trovati sotto il nome dell'autore nell'indice apposito http://www.religion-online.org/indexbyauthor.asp
Blessing Both Jew and Palestinian: A Religious Zionist View by Yehezkel Landau
From Time Immemorial? Dwellers in the Holy Land by Robert L. Wilken
Going Home to Israel by Inge Lederer-Gibel
Invisible Palestinians: Ideology and Reality in Israel by Rosemary Reuther
Israel and the Evangelicals by James M. Wall
On Criticizing Israel by Howard Singer
Placing Blame in a Religious State by James M. Wall
Speaking About Israel: Some Ground Rules by Robert McAfee Brown
The Road to Emmaus by James M. Wall

        The Country of Palestine     This page contains links to sites in Palestine and Palestine related sites.

        Questione arabo-israeliana  si puo cercare nel sito del Manifesto sotto la voce Palestina, Israele etc.


    News Letter 20: Oktober 2000
Arabisch-islamische Judenfeindschaft. Die Entstehung von Feindbildern im Konflikt um Palästina.
Eine Konferenz des Zentrums für Antisemitismusforschung von Götz Nordbuch

Jeremy Wildeman,  Why aid projects in Palestine are doomed to fail  - The Electronic Intifada 6 September 2012
    notizie aggiornate dal web [bloghttp://electronicintifada.net/blog

A new documentary film by Eliyahu Ungar-Sargon     http://www.withoutaland.com/trailer/

Una pagina da Slavoj Zizek, Living in the End Times, Verso 2010  http://kammeo.blogspot.it/2012/09/dayan-ben-gurion.html
    Joseph Nevo,  'The Jordanian, Palestinian and the Jordanian-Palestinian Entities'.
        The third Nordic conference on Middle Eastern Studies: Ethnic encounter and culture change - Joensuu, Finland, 19-22 June 1995

LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE PRÉSENTE Un cahier spécial sur le Proche-Orient Nouvelle édition revue et augmentée, mai 2001

palestineconflit israelo-arabe   cartographieVersion anglaise  (ridotta)

Journal of Palestine Studies   
"Since 1971, the Journal of Palestine Studies has been the only English language quarterly devoted to the study of the Arab-Israeli conflict and Palestinian affairs. With its probing articles and analyses, JPS goes beyond the scope of mass media news".

"The Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA) was founded in March 1987 by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi and by a group of Palestinian academics and intellectuals in Jerusalem -- Al-Quds Al-Sharif"  [temporaneamente non disponibile  http://web.archive.org/web/20110514010850/http://www.passia.org/]

"Pulizia etnica"    [xii - 2001]
The Home Of All Ethnically Cleansed Palestinians
    al-FalujaThe Home Town Of Intel's FAB 18 Ethnically cleansed 19,286 days ago
    Benny Morris's book cover which documents the cleansing of Palestine
    al-Faluja & 'Iraq al-Manshiyya Ethnic Cleansing Based On Declassified Israeli Documents by Benny Morris 1

Amnesty International   
http://www.amnesty.org.il/?CategoryID=153    Israel/Occupied Territories http://www.amnesty.org/en/contact/1731  (http://web.amnesty.org/ai.nsf/COUNTRIES/ISRAEL/OCCUPIED+TERRITORIES?OpenView&expandall) 

"Israeli government's military action accompanied by massive human rights abuses.   'The Palestinians must be hit and it must be very painful. We must cause them losses, victims, so that they feel the heavy price". (Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister, speaking to the press on 5 March 2002)"  [http://web.amnesty.org/web/web.nsf/pages/IOT_home  IV - 2002 ] 

    Photographs of Palestine    by Luke Powell (http://cr.middlebury.edu/art/Powell/palestinehills/ppintro1.htm dead link)

"eight images ...the best landscapes" ... ".I have also mounted here a sequence of over one hundred images. If you choose the first, short sequence, whlen you reach the last print there you may either exit, return the the home page, or keep right on going with the longer set.
  Act of State: A photographed history of occupation http://www.maarav.org.il/english/2009/07/act-of-state-a-photographed-history-of-occupation/

Courage to Refuse - Combatant's Letter (http://www.seruv.org.il/defaulteng.asp) [ IV 2002]

"We, reserve combat officers and soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, who were raised upon the principles of Zionism, sacrifice and giving to the people of Israel and to the State of Israel, who have always served in the front lines, and who were the first to carry out any mission, light or heavy, in order to protect the State of Israel and strengthen it.
We shall not continue to fight beyond the 1967 borders in order to dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people.
We hereby declare that we shall continue serving in the Israel Defense Forces in any mission that serves Israel’s defense.
The missions of occupation and oppression do not serve this purpose – and we shall take no part in them".
         Per il testo completo     Statement of Ohmets Lesarev ("Courage to Refuse")

A web portal (couragetorefuse.org) to unite international supporters of the Israeli Refusers    [ IV 2002]

"Increasing numbers of military refusers are being imprisoned. Please join the campaign and speak out in support of the refusers!"
NIMN supports the Israeli soldiers and conscripts who have the Courage to Refuse  [Not In My Name]
    "Not In My Name (nimn.org) is a Jewish peace group that was formed in November 2000 to work for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians"    [ IV 2002 ]
"Illegal Settlements: A Barrier to Peace  (http://www.nimn.org/settlements/index.html  dead link) This section contains information about the destruction of Palestinian villages and the establishment of illegal Israeli settlements.  Included are important quotations from Israeli politicians and other, maps, and graphs"

Malessere (http://www.lastampa.it/redazione/malessere.asp dead link)  SULLE ORME DI ABRAMO E DELLA BIBBIA UN APPASSIONANTE DIBATTITO CHE DA DUE SETTIMANE SCUOTE GERUSALEMME    Obiettori d'Israele: soldati della pace    4 febbraio 2002 di Aldo Baquis

Non dimenticare la Palestina - LETTERA AGLI EBREI ITALIANI (di Franco Lattes Fortini)[ IV 2002]

ALAIN GRESH, La dernière guerre du général Ariel Sharon  LeMONDE DIPLOMATIQUE 9 avril 2002   [ IV 2002]

    " ...    Le premier ministre Sharon espère ainsi, après s'être débarrassé de l'Autorité et de M. Yasser Arafat, faire accepter la « solution à long terme » qu'il préconise depuis 1998 (5) : quelques bantoustans palestiniens autogérés, enserrés dans un carcan de colonies juives, dont le réseau n'a cessé de s'étendre depuis la signature des accords d'Oslo de 1993 ; les Palestiniens géreraient leurs propres affaires, sans aucune forme de souveraineté.
Cette manœuvre est vouée à l'échec. Comme le souligne l'historien israélien Zeev Sternhell : « Seul un esprit malade peut espérer que l'occupation des territoires entraîne la fin de la guérilla et de la terreur (6).  » Depuis dix-huit mois, la seconde Intifada traduit le rejet par les Palestiniens d'une occupation illégitime, qui se perpétue depuis trente-cinq ans en dépit de multiples résolutions des Nations unies et au défi des accords d'Oslo. Malgré les souffrances endurées, les Palestiniens ne renoncent pas à obtenir la fin immédiate de l'occupation. L'Autorité palestinienne comme le Fatah et les principales organisations palestiniennes - à l'exception du Hamas - revendiquent le droit à un Etat indépendant sur les territoires occupés en juin 1967, avec Jérusalem-Est pour capitale, aux côtés de l'Etat d'Israël.
Ce droit leur est reconnu par la communauté internationale, y compris désormais par Washington, qui a pris l'initiative de faire voter par le Conseil de sécurité des Nations unies, le 13 mars 2002, la résolution 1397 : celle-ci affirme l'attachement « à la vision d'une région dans laquelle deux Etats, Israël et la Palestine, vivent côte à côte, à l'intérieur de frontières sûres et reconnues ». Le sommet arabe de Beyrouth des 27 et 28 mars 2002 a adopté, à l'unanimité, le plan du prince-héritier saoudien Abdallah Ben Abdelaziz préconisant des « relations normales » avec Israël en échange d'un retrait total des troupes israéliennes sur les lignes du 4 juin 1967. Les négociations de Taba de janvier 2001 entre le gouvernement de M. Ehoud Barak et l'Autorité avaient dessiné les contours d'un compromis acceptable par les deux peuples (7). .... "

  Le Stragi di Sharon [http://www.eurisko.it/socialtrends/SEL295.htm  dead link]

".... Chi cerca di dare una spiegazione al perdurare del doloroso conflitto nel Medio Oriente invoca motivi di carattere storico, politico, economico e religioso. Questi esistono, sicuramente, ma bisogna domandarsi quanto influiscono pure le personalità e gli atteggiamenti dei leader attuali. In particolare, la profonda e perdurante ostilità del generale Sharon verso i palestinesi e gli arabi costituisce un fattore non trascurabile di quanto è accaduto negli ultimi cinquant'anni, come negli ultimi mesi. ..."  [ IV - 2002 ]
  [ un articolo di Amnon Kapeliouk (giornalista, Gerusalemme) (Testo tradotto e adattato da:) Le Monde diplomatique, novembre 2001].    vedi anche
            Bitterlemons.org is a website that presents Israeli and Palestinian viewpoints on prominent issues of concern. It focuses on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and peace process, but other, related regional issues are also discussed. It is produced, edited and partially written by Ghassan Khatib, a Palestinian, and Yossi Alpher, an Israeli. Its goal is to contribute to mutual understanding through the open exchange of ideas. It aspires to impact the way Palestinians, Israelis and others worldwide think about regional issues.  http://www.bitterlemons.org/about/about.html  [2012 ]

 Feuille de route » pour la paix au Proche-Orient (30/04/2003)     [ V - 2003]

"Letteratura. E' morto Edward Said, portavoce della cultura palestinese nel mondo" Sept. 25th, 2003
 rainews24 -   specialihttp://www.edwardsaid.org/

"Gaza, 27 ottobre 2003    L'Autorità nazionale palestinese, in seguito alla decisione di Israele di accordare lo status di "colonia permanente" ad almeno cinque  insediamenti in Cisgiordania, ha accusato Israele di voler affossare la road map, legalizzando di fatto la colonizzazione selvaggia nella Cisgiordania occupata.
Il ministro palestinese Saëb Erakat ha invitato il Quartetto (Europa, Russia, Stai Uniti e Onu) a "impiegare tutti gli sforzi possibili per annullare queste decisioni aggressive che fanno parte di un piano mirato a distruggere il processo di pace e l'Autorità nazionale palestinese e a rendere perenne l'occupazione"." http://www.rainews24.rai.it/Notizia.asp?NewsID=42784

    Israele: l'infame muro UN: Only 11 percent of separation fence follows Green Line  http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/359272.html  -   Israele una minaccia per la pace  http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/359246.html  [dead links]        iI giudizio è seriamente motivato dalla politica del governo israeliano
"The highest anti-Israel rates (74 percent) were recorded in Netherlands - an enlightened country that cannot be identified with anti-Semitism, and the same is true of Denmark (64 percent).  The share of those who consider Israel a dangerous country was much higher among the educated than among non-educated, although it is commonly accepted that anti-Semitism declines with education".

How Israel's Occupation Affects Palestinian Children     By Juan Cole http://hnn.us/articles/987.html    [ I - 2004]
"Mr. Cole is professor of Middle Eastern and South Asian History at the University of Michigan and author of Sacred Space and Holy War (I.B. Tauris, 2002). His website is: www.juancole.com "

" ... The false and monstrous equation of practical criticism of Ariel Sharon's policies with anti-Semitism is designed to silence voices critical of those policies ... "     http://hnn.us/articles/1002.html
    [ The Misuses of Anti-Semitism By Juan Cole ]    [ I - 2004]

"If present trends continue, the Palestinian Christian community, which claims a historic continuity dating back to the first disciples, will disappear from the Holy Land, leaving behind nothing but museums or shells of churches. Palestinian Christians are fleeing their homeland not because of Islamic fundamentalism, as many Israelis and Christian Zionists would have us believe, but because their lives, livelihoods, families and future are doomed by the continued Israeli occupation. In providing political and economic support for Israeli militancy against Palestinian Christians and Muslims, Christian Zionists are aiding the collapse of Christianity in the Holy Land".    Donald E. Wagner,  "Marching to Zion: the evangelical-Jewish alliance", Christian Century, June 28, 2003    http://www.findarticles.com/cf_0/m1058/13_120/104681907/print.jhtml   [I - 2004 dead link]

Associazione SCIENZIATE E SCIENZIATI RESPONSABILI >>>>>   http://www.bo.cnr.it/www-sciresp/

SCI-RESP PER LA PACE IN MEDIO ORIENTE  [http://www.bo.cnr.it/www-sciresp/GdL/Pace_Medio_Oriente/ dead link]   "[...] SCI-RESP, considerata la violazione dei diritti umani [Amnesty Intarnational 2002] durante la violenta repressione militare verso il popolo palestinese nei Territori Occupati, ha resa pubblica in Aprile 2002 una breve dichiarazione [Appello SCI-RESP] in cui si chiede, al Consiglio e alla Comissione Europea, di far osservare l'art.2 dell'Accordo euromediterraneo di associazione UE-Israele, i.e. di sospendere l'accordo stesso [...]"  REFUSENIKIL CORAGGIO DEL RIFIUTO [http://www.bo.cnr.it/www-sciresp/GdL/Pace_Medio_Oriente/REFUSENIK/index.html dead link]  MATERIALE INCONTRO "REFUSENIK, IL CORAGGIO DEL RIFIUTO" 4 Dicembre 2002 [http://www.bo.cnr.it/www-sciresp/archivio/docs/Refusenik_04_12_02/index.html dead link]   [ I - 2004]

Newspapers & Magazines http://www.ipl.org/div/news/index.html 
Newspapers -- Middle East Newspapers -- Middle East -- Israel Newspapers -- Middle East -- Israel -- Ad Daffah al Gharbiyah (West Bank)


Thursday, March 11 2004 @ 11:07 AM EST         [http://palestinechronicle.com/story.php?sid=20040311110710845 III - 2004 dead link]  "Let's be precise about my statement: I didn't say George H.W. Bush gave a donation to a terrorist group. All I said is that he was involved .." By ROBERT JENSEN  palestinechronicle 

Dayan & Ben Gurion  "One cannot but respect the brutal honesty of the first-generation founders of the State of Israel who in no way obliterated the "founding crime" involved in establishing the new state: they openly admitted they had no right to the land of Palestine , it was just a matter of their force against the force of the Palestinians. ... []" 

[da una pagina di Slavoj Zizek, Living in the End Times, Verso 2010]  http://kammeo.blogspot.it/2012/09/dayan-ben-gurion.html   [http://kammeo.blogspot.it/2012/09/palestina-e-israele.html]

David Ben Gurion  - "Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves ... politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves... The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country."  David Ben Gurion, quoted on pp. 91-2 of Chomsky's Fateful Triangle, which appears in Simha Flapan's "Zionism and the Palestinians pp 141-2 citing a 1938 speech. [ dead link http://www.iap.org/]

L'invasione israeliana (2002 -2003  ...) Lo smarrimento della ragione.


"The Palestine of 1900 had a total population of c. 600,000. Of these, roughly 75% were Muslim Arabs, roughly 10% Christian Arabs, and the rest were Jews and others. About two-thirds of the population was rural, living in some 800 villages of various sizes scattered throughout the country, mostly in its northern and central sections. Of the cities, most important were Jerusalem (locally referred to as al-Quds), with c. 40,000 people; and Jaffa (Yafa) and Gaza (Ghazza), with somewhat smaller communities. Other towns with more than 10,000 inhabitants were Haifa, Nablus, Hebron (al-Khalil), and Acre ( Akka), and there were half-a-dozen smaller urban centers: Lydda (al-Lidd), Ramlah, Tiberias (Tabariyyah), Safad, Nazareth (al-Nasirah), and Bethlehem (Bayt Lahm)
[Ayalon, Ami, Reading Palestine. Printing and Literacy, 1900 –1948, Uni Texas 2004]





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