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Qualche carta geografica della Palestina e delle zone limitrofe

Medio Oriente (Impero Turco)

Medio Oriente 2 (Impero Turco)

Palestina e Sinai


Gerusalemme 2

Paesi della Scrittura

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The earliest Christian description of the Holy Places

The Madaba Map (Jordan) 100 years since its discovery.

"The most important geographic mosaic of the byzantine era was discovered in Madaba, a small village 30 km to the  south of Amman, in December 1896. The map adorned the floor of a church situated close to the city's North Gate.[ ...] The over 150 captions in the Map, most of which have been positively identified, refer to localities of the Near East extending from Tir and Sidon to the north up to and including the Nile Delta to the south, and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Arabian Desert" ( www1/ofm/fai/FAImap.html).
(un sito - curato da Michele Piccirillo, Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, Mount Nebo - Jordan.
Con ottime riproduzioni del mosaico)

Non  solo mappe  ( Palestine Maps  Cartes du Proche-Orient )  ... : (IV- 2002)
Israele    Palestina

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