Richard Rolle of Hampole, The Fire of Love
Book I, Chapter Viii: That The Perfect Lover Of God Had Liever Run Into Great Pain Than By Sin Once Grieve God: And Why God Torments The Righteous By The Wicked
"From the great fire of love so great beauty of virtue grows in souls that a righteous man would rather choose to suffer all pain than once grieve God; although he knew he might rise by penance and afterward please God more and be holier. For ilk one perfect understands this: that nothing is more dear to God than innocence, nothing more pleasing than good will. For truly if we love God rightly we would sooner lose great meed in heaven than once sin venially; for most righteous is it to ask no meed of righteousness but the friendship of God, that is Himself. Therefore it is better ever to suffer tormentry than once, wilfully and knowingly, to be led from righteousness to wickedness. ..." (Translated by Richard Misyn from the "Incendium Amoris"
Liber Qui Uocatur Incendium Amoris, Secundum Ricardum Hampull.
Cap. 8. (Quod perfectus Dei amator mauult magnam penam incurrere quam semel Deum per peccatum offendere; et cur Deus cum impiis iustos affligit.)
"Ex magno amoris incendio tantus uirtutis decor in animo crescit, quod iustus pocius eligeret omnem penam incurrere quam Deum semel offendere, eciam quamquam sciret quod posset per penitenciam resurgere et postea magis Deo placere et sanctior esse ; quia quilibet perfectus hoc intelligit, quod nihil est Deo carius innocencia, nihil acceptabilius uoluntate bona. Si enim recte amaremus Deum, deberemus magis uelle magnum premium in celo amittere quam saltem uenaliter peccare, quia iustissimum est iusticie mercedem non requirere, sed amiciciam Dei que est ipse Deus. Melius est ergo semper tormentum pati, quam semel a. iusticia ad iniquitatem sponte deduci et scienter. ..."



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