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        dei contributi:
Richard Bauckham, "The Qumran Community and the Early Jerusalem Church"
James R. Davila, "The Macrocosmic Temple, Scriptural Exegesis, and the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice"
James R. Davila, "Melchizedek, the 'Youth,' and Jesus: the Dead Sea Scrolls and Messianism, Christology, and Mysticism"
Steven Fraade, "The Torah of the King (Deut. 17:14-20) in the Temple Scroll and Early Rabbinic Law"
Timothy Lim, "Studying the Qumran Scrolls and Paul in Their Historical Context"
Bilhah Nitzan, "The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish Liturgy"
Lawrence Schiffman, "The Dead Sea Scrolls and Rabbinic Halakhah"
Ra'anan Abusch, "Seven-fold Praise in the Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice and the Hekhalot Literature: Literary Context and Historical Continuity in Early Hebrew Hymnic Poetry"
George Brooke,  "From Qumran to Corinth: Veiled Allusions to Women's Authority"
Brian Capper, "The New Covenant in Judaea at the Time of Jesus"
Sidnie White Crawford, "'Mother' and 'Sister' as Titles: Literary and Inscriptional Evidence from Qumran to First Timothy"
J. Harold Ellens, "The Son of Man at Qumran"
Crispin H. T. Fletcher-Louis, "4Q381 (4Qnon-Canonical Psalms B) Frag. 1 lines 10-11: The Angelic Veneration of Adam in its Historical Context"
Helenann Francis, "The Use of Purity as a Strategy for Group-Definition in 1QS and the Mishnah"
Alexander Golitzin, "Recovering the Glory of Adam: Selected Themes from the Dead Sea Scrolls Present in the Macarian Homilies and Other Christian Ascetic Writings of Fourth-Century Syro-Mesopotamia"
Maxine L. Grossman,  "Priesthood as Authority: Interpretive Competition in First-Century Judaism and Christianity"
Angela Y. Kim, "Strategies for Authorizing Non-Biblical Hymns and Prayers in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Later Jewish and Christian Traditions"
Albert L. Lukaszewski, "The Markan Parable of the Sower and Its Interpretation in the Light of Qumran Aramaic"
Nicholas Perrin, "Paul, Qumran and the 'Righteous One'"
Juhana Saukkonen, "Implicit and Explicit Chronology in 4Q252 (Commentary on Genesis A)"
Kenneth Schenck, "Jesus and 'Enochic' Views of the Afterlife: More Commonality between the Historical Jesus and Qumran"